#SearchWithPresearch Contest Winners Announced - $1,200 in ETH Rewarded!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 6 Apr 2021

The response to the #SearchWithPresearch Contest has been overwhelming, with almost 200 posts submitted! Weeew.

It wasn't easy selecting the winners, and I'm glad that Presearch team has had a hand in picking the posts they've liked best.

And here they are...

#SearchWithPresearch Contest Winners Announced - $1,200 in ETH Rewarded!


Due to the overwhelming response, the total reward pool has been increased from $1,000 to $1,200 in ETH. We have increased the rewards for the top 18 authors who have won a prize in the writing contest, we have increased the number of lucky winners from 5 to 16, and we have doubled the number of users who have won a prize for the Twitter portion of the contest from 10 to 20.


--> Start using Presearch and get 25 PRE tokens when you sign up from here. <--


And the winners are:


1st Place: 5 Posts that Won $80 in ETH Rewards Each.


Here are the top 5 posts that have won the first prize, sorted in no particular order:


2nd Place: 5 Posts that Won $60 in ETH Rewards Each.


These five 2nd placed posts are worth your time too! Please read them. :)


3rd Place: 8 Posts that Won $30 in ETH Rewards Each.


The eight 3rd placed authors wrote amazing posts, all worth a read and well deserving of the prize!


Lucky Winners: 16 Posts that Won $10 in ETH Rewards Each.


As there were almost 200 posts submitted into this contest, we've expanded the number of lucky winners from five, to 16. Some of these posts were not merely lucky, but were chosen by us, so it's not entirely accurate to state that all 16 were lucky winners. Anyways, here they are:


20 Users Who Have Won $5 in ETH for Tweeting About #SearchWithPresearch

social media twitter GIF

Thank you for all of you who have tweeted about the contest! Here are the 20 winners who have won $5 in ETH each:


As usual, Twitter users who have won a reward, and whose accounts on Publish0x we cannot find, were sent a DM. :)


Bonus for New Presearch Users: Sign up to Presearch by using this link, and get 25 PRE tokens.


How Are the Winners Paid?

Paid Make It Rain GIF by State Champs

Rewards have already been given out to all of the authors! You can click on each individual winners post and see that we've added a corresponding amount of ETH to the posts (on top of the rewards that these posts have earned from tipping), which can be withdrawn from Publish0x on Monday!

As usual, I've contacted Twitter users whose accounts on Publish0x I cannot find, by sending them a DM on Twitter. The rewards will be added to their accounts within a day from the moment that they get back to me.

PS. If your rewards are missing, please let me know in the comments.


The price of $ETH at the time of adding rewards is around 2,120$.


Thank you all who took part in this contest, and congratulations to all of the winners!

PS. You can sign up to Presearch and get a 25 PRE bonus, by clicking on this link.



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