From Jurassic to Modernism: Google vs Presearch

From Jurassic to Modernism: Google vs Presearch

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 27 Mar 2021

The Dawn of Time

At the dawn of time it was nothing, just emptiness and antimatter! Than the Bing Bang happened and the Universe expanded than cooled enough to generate subatomic particles and atoms. Primordial elements than gravity, stars, galaxies and fast forward to the life as we know it. We had enormous sea monsters, the mighty dinosaurs, huge predators and the evolution of Homo Sapiens. The Biomass is measured in tones of carbon as the key building-block of life. 


The Google-saurus

What's the point of this Mambo Jambo? To understand that millions of years are just a "moment" and nothing lasts forever. The lifespan in the technology sector is much shorter than in nature and surviving on the top of the trophic chain is as hard as it can get! Google was launched in 1998, the Jurassic of the technology industry, and managed to be the Apex predator for for over 22 years. That's like billion of years in the technology sector, if we compare it with the lifespan of fauna and flora. Google was an immortal hybrid between the mighty T-Rex, the Blue Whale and the proud Lion as it survived so long and dominated the haunting fields. By 2017 was the most valuable brand in the world but this success was also achieved by the lack of a real competitor.


Presearch - From apes to humans

The Google search engine indexes billions of web pages through the use of keywords, with market shares over 60% across the globe. This dictatorial leadership involved scandals and criticism regarding privacy, tax avoidance and censorship. It took nearly 20 years for Google Search to be challenged as the Alpha of the "search engine" reign. Presearch came to fill the gap created by the Google-related scandals and aimed to innovate the search industry while creating a rewarding experience for web users and marketers.  The community-driven management ensures that the best interest of everyone involved is paramount, as PRE holders will be able to vote on development projects and ways to improve the platform. 


Presearch is a decentralized search engine with an unique market strategy that promotes the most common online searches and also rewards the users and community members. Every search is rewarded with fractions of PRE tokens, which can be exchanged, or used for word staking. Presearch is open and transparent, offering users the choice of which data sources to use. The innovative approach made Presearch expand and constantly earn the market shares that Google is loosing due to the bullying approach towards their existing users. If Google was the basic primitive tool, Presearch is the discovery of fire!


Huge achievement and milestone reached on the 18th of March, as 2,000,000 unique users are now using the Presearch engine, contributing with over 1,000,000 daily searches.

The Genesis

Colin Pape started with the concept behind Presearch back in 2000, when he created ShopMidland, a business directory featuring a search field which will direct people to the Google search engine. Google grew like in fairy tales and "once upon a time" reached 90% of the search traffic. The idea was innovatory at that time but with time Google created a monopoly and Colin noticed that the search of his own business will end up far away from the first page.

This problem needed a solution, an open platform that will not limit searches and sort them with weird algorithms. And here I stand, telling everyone that Presearch is not a replacement for Google, is the future! Here I stand, telling everyone that Google is just a horror movie and I am ready to debate it with anyone still compelled by the ancient beast.


Presearch was born as a proof of concept in 2003, as a "Switzerland of Search", aiming to create a platform for different search providers and enabling the user to have simplified search field. In 2017, Presearch was launched as a blockchain powered search engine, coming to send Google into extinction, as the world needs to evolve and adapt to the demands of modern society.


The growth and expansion started, as more and more embraced the power of the blockchain decentralized search. If you are new, be ready to be amazed! Say hello to Presearch, the modern look and amazing tools that created a synergy between users and search results. 


Presearch Nodes

The Presearch Nodes are the newest addition to the platform and was implemented to support decentralization. Users can now be part of the solution by launching and operating a Node. The process is straight forward and extra information can be found on Nodes.Presearch. Users must install Docker on the computer or virtual server and register the node with the registration code obtained from the Presearch Nodes Dashboard. Once the above steps are completed, the Nod can be managed by using the node start commands.


All Nodes Operators staking 1,000 PRE tokens or more will receive rewards based on the participation in the network. Staking more PRE will entitle operators to bigger rewards. The IP address of the node will be used to identify the node, therefore creating a personal external footprint. The software is still in the BETA testing stage, and the possibility for errors and bugs is not excluded.

Statistically, over 50% on the internet users are clicking on text ads while 95% of them will click on the top 4 search results. For commercial searches, the top add will attract 65% of all clicks and in terms of marketing, the average cost per click is $2.32. Presearch keyword staking is doing all of the above for free!

In my case, Presearch came with Brave Browser, and Brave came with Publish0x. I always believed that Brave and Presearch are a match made in Heaven, contributing to the decentralization of the internet and incentivizing an activity that all of us did for free for so many years. Keyword Staking will commit the users PRE tokens to a specific word or term and the ad will show up when other users are looking for that term. Staking doesn't take ownership of the tokens and will generate additional flow and visitors for businesses with no cost per click or impression. The result is no cost per action and real traffic from the 2,000,000 Presearch users. This is so simple that was explained in less than 90 seconds.

I first looked for something new to promote and I decided to give it a try with, the newest Bitcoin Cash creation, that can tip BCH related tweets. This idea is as innovatory as Presearch and no one else staked the work so was available for staking.


I had to transfer PRE from the Rewards account, and the process was so user friendly that took only few seconds.


After pressing the "Stake This" button, I had to complete the form with details regarding the stake and results. I staked 1000 PRE to promote and send real traffic to so more people could earn Bitcoin Cash from simple tweets.


My staking position was first, and the ad will be showed as a search result until I will unstake or someone will stake more than my staked amount.


My add was the first result when searching for the keyword and I kept this stake for 24 hours for statistical purpose.


In one day, the add had 27 views and 10 users clicked on the ad link. Considering the niche search, the result is encouraging for promoting and raising cryptocurrency awareness. 


As I have no method to measure or to know if the 10 users that clicked the previous add joined or not, I decided to promote myself and I changed the keyword to "pvmihalche" and see if the traffic on my Facebook page will increase. One day test and I gained 3 new followers after I staked my name on Presearch. The new subscribers rate is high, considering that my keyword had 15 views and 8 ad clicks. 


Presearch Referral system

The Presearch referral system is one of the best I seen, offering 25 PRE (approximately $2.50) to both the referrer and the referral. Please note that the bonus becomes active and can be claimed only after the referral has earned 50 PRE tokens as result of his searches, and he was active for 30 full days after registration. Not everyone joining will match the criteria, and in my particular case, as only 68 users managed to become active Presearch users.


The active tokens can be claimed by clicking on the "Claim Credit" and they will be added instantly to the PRE balance. My balance was gathered from both searches and referral bonuses. 


Buy Tokens

You can buy tokens with Bitcoin  (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or with USD through Wire, Visa or EMT (Canada only). The calculator can be used to simulate the purchase details and outcomes.


The minimum purchase value is 1000 PRE and the conversion rates are provided in real time by CoinGeko. The form must be completed with the buyer details, and payment instructions will be provided throughout the process. Credit cards can be used for transactions but the tokens will be locked for 7 months before being unlocked for withdrawal.  But why buy them when you can earn them? Every search is rewarded with 0.12 PRE, down from 0.25 PRE in the past.


The focus on privacy and decentralization is engraved in every step of the roadmap. Presearch moved from the Launch Phase and currently working on establishing the brand by developing the sustainability and decentralization of the engine. The last phase will follow the natural course and will head towards a decentralized government, the Presearch DAO.  Presearch is a gem and the road map is attractive, extra reasons to follow this project closely.



The Google-saurus is heading towards extinction and is our job, the common internet users, to promote privacy and decentralizations. Presearch is rewarding every search with $PRE and is decentralized, leading the revolution against the tyrant. If you want even more reasons to use Presearch, then consider the enhanced privacy, the transparency and the community involvement in the development of the project.

I can speak for myself and say that I am tired of aggressive marketing and adds haunting my internet search due to Google cookies and analytics. I am tired and somehow scared, knowing the amount of information Google has about myself, my life, my habits and routines. It's time for a revolution, it's time for privacy and decentralization to lead the Democratic Republic of OnlineSearch! Viva Presearch  !!!


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