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By Hermitworldwide | Writing contests | 21 Mar 2021

6.93% increase on the preasearch token shows just how much of a contribution preasearch has become. Preasearch had given me 25 pre for signing up, you too can score 25 pre for signing up just follow the link . Then I found that by incorporating preasearch into brave browser, I get to gain even more from both brave browser and preasearch. Brave browser teamed up with preasearch is just perfection. There's word staking available owith preasearch. 


To get to the word staking levels, you need to have at least 1000 pre in your wallet. There are three ways to trasfer the funds into your preasearch wallet. From your rewards, by buying preasearch tokens with your card or from your other crypto wallets. It's all too easy, I personally think it's better to just search the words and withing a few months you can amount up enough pre tokens to actually word stake and earn even more pre. Preasearch lets you earn about 0.12 pre per search, 1presearch token is worth 0.1$. That initial 25pre reward is already like 2.5 $, you start with a good boost. Get that to the 1000pre required to withdraw then you have 100 $ to start from. Pretty decent, keeping in mind that all you do is shift your focus from the much used Google search engine to the more secure and paying preasearch in brave browser.

747eec41eb65222d31a7b047c0e3310f0dae65cad4b2852590164b35e59c553d.pngI recently changed my brave browser opening homepage to This way, every time I open the brave browser, would be my greeting. My own preasearch strategy has been slow since I've been forgetting about it. So now that I have preasearch as the opening homepage, I get reminded to search for something, anything. Try to put in a few hundred searches everyday and soon I'll be cruising in the thousands, staking all kinds of words like bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

This is one of the best passive ways to earn an income. It's simple and ready with every search of your words. Just the other day I decided to add ten new streams of income to my income streams and then it came to me that I've been neglecting my preasearch. Now I'm getting presearching again, with more confidence that this time it will work out much better than it never did before.


The best part about preasearch is that when you search, you get rewarded with presearch's Pre crypto token. Next to the withdrawal being a minimum of 1000 pre, this really forces one to put in much planning and focus into preasearch. For instance, incorporating preasearch with brave browser and using StormGain activations as the alarm to let you know that you ought to put in a few searches into your presearch. StormGain has 6 activations daily, so that's one every four hours, if you search -+ 20 times every four hours you stand to increase your balance by 10 presearch tokens every day. That's about 300 every month which will then take you about 2-3 months to get to the 1000 presearch tokens that's the minimum withdrawal. But why withdraw? Why not just challenge yourself to stake your balance to 10K pre, challenge yourself to word stake the rest of the year. Only withdraw the equivalent of 100$ before January then challenge yourself to stake even longer by going the whole of 2022. That's actually my plan and strategy. After seeing that there is so much security in decentralisation, I thought of no better place to keep the presearch tokens other than the presearch staking program, plus it's staking all day every day. With your  -+ 100 searches everyday, you'll only be gaining. Plus the token has increased by so much value that it's becoming a good store of value. 


For the longest time, freedom has been downplayed. Your data your choice but as lawsuits after lawsuits arises against these Facebook's and others, it only shows us that our data hasn't really been ours in the longest time. After a long while the decentralised manifestation finally took flight so now we have truth to our freedom in terms of data, our own data.


Just the other day I read an article that rhymed in line with that projects thrive better when they are true to what brought them to life. This is to say that the problem that the project if formed to solve carries on being the reason for its growth, by solving problems inline with the main idea as not to short sell or derail from the main path.

PresearchOvertime as the future comes forth, we find that the future will be filled with crypto in almost every corner and detail. We can make the transition easier by supporting decentralised platforms that align with our values and blockchain products. This can all be done through presearch in brave browser.

This is my view of presearch. If you are interested in a deeper understanding of presearch, I'll be publishing a few articles in the coming week on different aspects of presearch. 


Thank you for your time and attention!

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Writing contests
Writing contests

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