David versus Goliath - a Presearch story

David versus Goliath - a Presearch story



Motto: “My wife asked me why I spoke so softly in the house. I said I was afraid Mark Zuckerberg was listening! She laughed. I laughed. Alexa laughed. Siri laughed.” (James Franco)

In the fight of the search engine, Google was winning. For very long time, like the legendary Achilles, they got ne real opponents. They decides to improve, unhinged, and sometimes to choose grey policies, in order to keep their kingdom invulnerable. But then something changed. With the apparition of the blockchain, and the people starting to value their own freedom, something shifted their perception. New projects like Presearch were born. Google tried their best to stopped them. They even played dirty (as you can see in one of my old articles - Google trying to stop Chromium-based browsers to eat into Chrome market-share). But once an idea is out, it cannot be contained. No more mutants - as the Scarlet Witch will say. 


The irony, now Google is working on a side project called FLOC (this is a funny name if you are Romanian, translation not available), as they trying to create a machine-learning-powered tracking system Chrome based that groups people into various interest groups like "cooking and baking" rather than building individual profiles of yourself. Although, I do not know if this is an attempt to catch up with privacy-centric browser or just to bypass Apple latest update. 

I think I found out about Presearch in May 2020, most probably from one of @cryptonator's posts (The Brave Browser And Presearch Are A Powerful Combination) and i never looked back since. Shortly after that, Kucoin and Presearch did a promotion together, and i managed to achieve some PRE, only to get lucky one month later, when they announced the Presearch nodes. I even wrote about this in here. I was always a fan on staking in your own masternode, and I have quite a few of them (ZEN, DASH, Rapids and PIVX). So, once the trial was announced, I set up my first Presearch node. It was not that easy, but with a bit of help from their website and @Minyma i managed to get it ready. The trial was a success, and I also wrote 2 posts about this, one about How to set-up a Presearch node (Windows version) and another one summarizing the trial Presearch node developments and rewards - 2 months later. Wow, this was a nice trip to the memory lane!

I was an early adopter, and I become a fan once their first improved whitepaper was launched. I got the tweet to prove it. So, if you are living under a rock, and this is first time when you hear about Presearch, what should you know? Presearch is a search engine with three distinctive advantages:

  • It is decentralized, providing better results for you search, as there is no hidden agenda. Now it is using masternodes maintained by us, for their search, the people using it. 
  • It is protecting your privacy, with better tools to avoid being tracked online (they are not tracking or store any of your search, and now they even have anonymized queries, via Presearch nodes)
  • It is rewarding you with crypto for every search you are doing (PRE is the name of their native token). On top of this, you can stake your PRE for different words, or you can use them to maintain a none, being rewarded for both activities. But i will talk about this a bit later. 


And we have more to come, with Inverse Keyword staking ( staking for everything but setword), User2User token transfer without ETH gas fees, Keyword staking explorer (to check keywords performance and analytics) and much more, with multiple opportunities to earn more PRE tokens. Ok you will ask, so what is this, and what is that? Let me explain few technical terms. 

  • PRE tokens - are the native cryptocurrency used in the Presearch ecosystem to reward their users, for searching, staking and node maintenance. 
  • Keyword staking - this is a completely new approach to staking, where you can stake your PRE tokens on different keywords, even creating a link or an ad, but there is a condition, only the user with the biggest stake on a specific keyword will have their ad displayed first. 
  • Masternodes, which can be installed on any computer or server supporting Docker (I use Docker and Windows PowerShell with a Windows10 OS), aiming to provide computing resources for a decentralized Presearch search engine. Running a node will qualify you for PRE token rewards, with some variables (uptime, stake value, number of searches done on your node). I can tell you that when i started it was like 0.01 PRE per search, I think, with something like 0.03 PRE per search now, but this is my estimate, I may be wrong. 


As you can see, the node interface is quite intuitive, and easy to use. You can see your token staked and your claims at any time, and you can add the rewards to your initial stake anytime, without any gas fees. As you can see you can check your stats, and as I just discovered the button right now, I was curious to see my March performance. 



Server Statistics

(Details) Connections (View) 97  (Most Recent: None)

Requests Received 132

Total Uptime 20d, 2h, 39m, 49s (100%)

Avg Latency 1,991.1 ms

Avg Success Rate 88.6%

Reward Calculations

Avg Reliability Score 62.2    

Avg Uptime Score 99.7    

Avg Latency Score 10.8    

Avg Success Rate Score 77.4

Avg Staked Capacity % 0.0064%

Avg Utilization % 0.0009%

Total Earned 5.1480 PRE



Based on the time left for this month, I estimate 7-8 PRE staking rewards for a month, meaning almost 100 PRE for a year. This is $10 at today's PRE price, but I would like to believe that the token price will increase with time. On my 1920 PRE stake, this is a 5.20% annual return. It is not a lot, but it is much better than what my bank is paying for my money. If you want to buy the 1000 PRE that you need to stake for a node, then you have few ways to do it. First, you can buy them straight from the website Marketplace, and those are the today's prices:


Or you can buy them directly from Kucoin exchange and send them to your account. I use to have weekly rewards in USDT on Kucoin, so I kind of bought mine in there. Talking about PRE, i need to tell you that this one is an Ethereum blockchain based token, and PRE Token contract address is: 0xEC213F83defB583af3A000B1c0ada660b1902A0F. In case you need to add it as a new to your Metamask, but I would not advise you to use a DEX like Uniswap to buy your tokens as there are quite huge gas fees involved at the moment. 

Oh, and if you are thinking that being paid will take a long time, as the threshold for withdraw is set at 1000 PRE, think again. Yes, you are paid only 0.25-0.5 PRE per 1 search, with a daily limit of 8 PRE, but you can also receive 25 PRE for every person that you refer, after they use the engine for a month. Both combined, shouldn't take you too much to reach your reward withdrawal limit, especially if you are using Presearch instead of Google. And if you need payment proof, just check their address to see how many are getting their rewards any given time:

Link here (https://etherscan.io/token/0xEC213F83defB583af3A000B1c0ada660b1902A0F)


In case you are not convinced to be a Presearch user, let me tell you just one more fun fact, the price of PRE token increased from $0.05 at 1st of March to $0.10 as per today. What else can I say, except ''Good job, Presearch Team, keep improving and don't let us down!''. 



Yours truly



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