A Simple (and meme) Guide in Presearch #SearchWithPresearch

A Simple (and meme) Guide in Presearch #SearchWithPresearch

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++. | 20 Mar 2021

Presearch can be the stepping stone for newbies in a new world [of crypto] by introducing the crypto with its unique type of search engine where we can earn PRE tokens for every search that we do. 

By reading this article you will know the following:

  • What and why Presearch?
  • Why Presearch and how it is different to other search engine?
  • How to set Presearch as your default search engine on Android?
  • What and how keyword staking works?
  • Stepping stone of your friends in the world of crypto.

After reading this, you will probably decide to choose Presearch over other search engine. 1a01c38455a84043340bd1137db7496ffda082ffa21e60ba9141bf51ac0d3dde.jpg

What is Presearch?
Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by the blockchain technology where the data can be store and encrypt on a blockchain.

You can search privately without sharing your data and have a control on it with a private key. 

Why Presearch and how it is different to other search engine?
Since it is a decentralized search engine, you don't need to worry about your data and information because it is secured and your privacy is their priority. Unlike other centralized search engine such as Google, they are collecting your data and information and it is (quite) risky because who knows that they will sell it on some marketplace and use it for their business, right?  363f6ca823deb9533b3424dac69c79d79720cbca1853a0a42458ae62b5a964a6.png It is one of the reason why we should use Presearch as our search engine and if you're still not using it you can start now BY SIGNING UP IN THIS LINK AND GET FREE 25 PRE TOKENS. 


How to set Presearch as your default engine on Android?
I assume that most of you guys are already know that Presearch can be set as your default search engine on your computer and laptop and now, while doing some research I found out that we can also set it as a default search engine on your Android in an easy step.  d78586de1b27d158c30f6f906edbee804c2d58b7e074a5904ae22beb483c65af.png All you need to do is to manually search https://engine.presearch.org on your browser and use it as an engine. Once you used it once or twice, go to the settings of your [Brave] browser and look for the search engines. As you can see, the Presearch search engine was added on the list.  d8809cc8d070c15e9cbccfe19c360181b93855c790139cc66d261cefedf6b7b8.png
Your "search tab" must have this after setting it up. (Look at the photo below) If it has, then it means you are using Presearch search engine as your default engine. 56f66b753c4aaa8f6a32a45a03a6dc5da1245b55bcf0b83fd7099a8cc048af88.png Keyword Staking
In keyword staking, all you need to do is to stake your PRE tokens and add some "keywords" so when the other user search for it, the keyword that you used will be on the top of the list and it has an "ad" word indicates that it is your ad or someone's ad. 

The requirements of keyword staking are your chosen keyword, your link (website or your referral link) and description. Once the user clicked it, it will be shown on your stats so it is easy to track how many users clicked your link.

Take note that it is like an "auction" when where you staked 2000 PRE tokens on a specific word [e.g Bitcoin] and someone staked more than your stake on the same word, it will not be yours BUT if you staked again more than the stake of the other user, the specific word will be yours.   

Share your link and get a reward
One of the good thing on this search engine is once you share your link on your friends or family, both of you will get a reward of 25 PRE tokens directly to your [and their] account as long as they are constantly using it.

As what I have mentioned on the introductory statement, this can be a stepping stone to introduce crypto in your invites which is your friends, family or random people. In this situation, you are also building the PRE community and the knowledge [in crypto] of your invites. 

Presearch WILL be the one of the BEST search engine IF we will continue to use and spread it to other people. Its better to start using it as soon as possible since its community is growing quickly, like what Presearch itself published on Publish0x, it reached 2M registered users last March 18, 2021. Be one of the Presearchers by joining NOW.


Now, what do you think is the best search engine?




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