Presearch is already the main search engine of this decade
Presearch is already the main search engine of this decade

Presearch is already the main search engine of this decade

Watch the 6-minute video via The Main Search Engine of This Decade

Hello! How are you? What search engine do you use to do your searches

on the world wide web?

Presearch is already identified as the main search engine of this decade.

Do you know why?

As I write this article, the Presearch search engine it is already used daily by more than a million people counting on me too, of course!

You might ask why these people turned to Preseach’s search engine and stopped using google?

Before answering this question, it is important to note that search engines act as gateways to the internet.

A multitude of information and knowledge is made available and shared all the time on the world wide web.

With the advent of Blockchain technology big bets on new technologies are transforming the world we live in.

Start-ups supported by Blockchain technology are funded from the issuance their own cryptocurrencies

to leverage their projects while attracting new business partners.

In this scenario, Presearch was created, a company founded in Canada by Colin Pape and currently supported

with a team of experts in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Presearch's big card is its decentralized search engine what does it mean to say an engine

that uses distributed ledger technology, namely the Blockchain which allows you more privacy while you search online

without being tracked.

This is not what happens with the big search platforms who collect their recorded data silently

for after delivering what is profitable for them based on their advertising campaigns.

Want to use Artificial Intelligence coupled to the search engine

to collect money while doing your research?

Presearch understands that you, the user, should be rewarded for the visits

you make addresses from your searches for products and services.

And here’s another big advantage, as while you do each search on the Presearch engine,

you are rewarded with the Presearch token.

Do your math and see how long you can collect 1000 PRE tokens.

At this moment 1000 PRE tokens are worth more than 100 dollars! The advantages do not stop there...

You can transfer your tokens to a broker and make your exchanges there for dollars, bitcoin, ethereum etc.

You can also place bets on keywords with your PRE tokens to attract free traffic to your campaigns

at no cost, without fraud and your ads will be 100% targeted.

In case you don't want to transfer your tokens to a broker then there is another good option which is to trade them

on the Market Place within the Presearch platform where you can exchange your tokens and transfer money to your account.

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A big hug and better days!


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(● '◡' ●) On March 18, 2021, Presearch's search engine

reached the expressive mark

of two million members and more than 1 million searches per day!


Earn PRE tokens while doing your searches on this search engine - Sign up!


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