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March 2021 has been one of shaking out and renew! This is my first post in Publish0x for product review, and really ever. It is one of my many firsts this month as I also just changed what I use to surf up and search for in the web, and started learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  

I got into Presearch one week after starting to use the Brave browser, another decentralized gem that also reward me with cryptocurrency. I wasn’t particularly unhappy with Google, my usual search engine, but Presearch’s offer was hard to resist.

Here is why:

What I like about Presearch

  1. I absolutely LOVE that Presearch rewards me with PRE token (Presearch crypto currency built on Ethereum) while searching the Internet privately and secure. I am searching anyways, so why not make money too, right? Further, Presearch seem to have a promising ecosystem that is worth to be explorered and harnessed (I am still learning about that!).

  2. The simplicity and options of the Presearch search engine. It is intuitive and fast to deliver results, while it also allows choices to use a long list of search providers such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, etc. 

  3. The Reward Verification System (RVS) that Presearch has implemented in order to discourage exploitation of their reward system, by bots or bounty hunters for example, that undermine the intended purpose and value to the project and its community.

    The RVS works by assigning 1 to 10 PRE Level to each member of Presearch based on their search behaviour over time. PRE Levels determines how many tokens can be withdrawn from the user account (minimum 1000 eligible PRE tokens).

    I am PRE Level 5, which is apparently the minimum level of an authentic human being search (I guess that solve my children’s question for when I am in cleaning mode) and allows me to withdraw 50% of >1000 eligible PRE tokens which seems fair considering I just started using Presearch. As I continue to use Presearch my level, hopefully, will rise to 8 and above, which will grant me full withdrawing access. Levels 4 and below get flagged and eventually suspended unless their search behaviour improves.


  What I don’t like about Presearch

  1. I haven’t been able to set up Presearch as my default search engine on my Brave browser in my iPhone, despite being able to set it up on my desktop, laptop and iPad. It might be my ignorance but I have searched it up too and I can’t find an answer for it, all I get is the Presearch extension for Chrome. For the time being I just go to and then do the search. Thank goodness I don’t use my phone for internet search often! It is just an inconvenience, but I can live with that for now.

  2. I find quite odd that the explanation on Presearch’s PRE Level System (see point #3 above on what I like) is on their Terms & Condition. I mean, I know we should, but who reads that??? Information is power. If Presearch and its community are sharing power, control and reward then the information should be easy to access and the relevant information highlighted for the new users joining in. What about adding a simple hyperlink?


In conclusion, I am excited to continue to use Presearch and get rewarded for it. I am planning to learn more about its many promising features and use it in combination with Brave browser for my increasing crypto-benefit.

I definitely recommend you to give it a try and search with Presearch!



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