Presearch | A Decentralized Search Engine | Next-Gen Right Now

Presearch | A Decentralized Search Engine | Next-Gen Right Now

By Oivas | Crypto and Gaming Articles | 29 Mar 2021

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We all know the big daddy of search engines and how an almost monopoly plays directly into the company's hands. Almost monopoly? Well, Google is not the only one out there. We have Bing and other search engines doing what Google does, but by their nature of operations, they are similar to what Google is. A centralized company managing the results you get for your search.

Put that way, and you understand the problems, don’t you? I mean, if I can control what comes out as a search, can’t I also control what you can see and not see? It may be too far for me to bring out a conspiracy theory that big corporations running your search engines control what you see and hear. But doesn’t the recent blocking of accounts by few social media companies tell us that it is not beyond a company to do what it wants to do? We can only hope that a sense of moral responsibility keeps the company running fairly. But then that is left to the goodness of a person at the top and is subjective. What is the real solution then?


The real solution is a mechanism where the search is not limited to an individual or a group of individuals, rather to a system that will do the needful. In other words, the power to do the searches does not reside centrally but remains decentralized. Now, many would have heard about decentralization and how Bitcoin revolutionized the idea of a decentralized economy. If we understand Bitcoin, then it is not difficult to understand the concept of decentralization extended to searches as well.

With a decentralized architecture designed to respond to people’s “asks” (or searches), we would have enabled the response to be system and process-oriented, and therefore, free from an individual’s whims and fancies. If that happens, then we are looking at a truly censor-resistant system-powered search engine. You would say that’s all good, but is there such a solution out there?

The answer is yes, and Presearch is the name. It kinda sounds like the name is Bond. 😊

Let’s get to know Presearch.


Presearch | The Decentralized Search Engine

Presearch is the decentralized search engine that we have been talking about and hoping for. Let’s hear what they say about themselves:

Presearch is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community.

So, there you go. Not powered by an individual nor a corporation. And in a moment, you will see how you can be one of the node operators for Presearch, thus proving that there is no single ownership for the site.


Let me be honest here. It was not just the idea of decentralization that drove me to this search engine but also the fact that I will be paid PRE tokens for every search of mine. What? For my search, for my needs, the search engine pays me money? If that sounds like an interesting proposition, then you can join Presearch to test it out yourself.

Join Presearch

You heard me right. Presearch allows the users to use the site for their requirements and then shares some money for your work. Now, try going to your favorite search engine and ask them to give you money to search stuff. They won’t even bother looking in your direction, let alone respond to you.

The centralized search engine was built on the premise that you need the search engine and not the other way round. So, even if Google or any other centralized search engine needs you to attract advertisers and content creators, they will never accept that reality. Because if they do, they will have to share some income with you. Hmm.. Not a pretty proposition. Besides, doing so will also, in a way, decentralize power. Will it not? So, no owner would like that.

With Presearch, the idea of giving back to the community, I believe, also stems from the fact that it is community-powered, and part of the earnings goes back to the community. It is not just the node operator (you would know blockchain would need nodes to enable decentralized working) but also the actual users. What more could be the definition of decentralization and the notion of “powered by the community” that Presearch uses to describe themselves? There can’t be much more congruence between preaching and actions.


Let’s Test It Out

The fun in the game is to test out the game compared to the others you already know. How about testing Presearch with the other search engines? Let’s go.

The hot topic right now is the ship stuck in the Suez Canal. Everybody knows about it, and the world is watching as everybody is running against time to get the ship out. Let’s search that.

I am going to search first on Presearch. Here is the result.


So, the updated latest news is showing. This is what we have come to hear – that the ship is floating again. Now, let’s search that on Google.


Obviously, Google owns YouTube, so videos will also show, but that is one of the banes, I guess. Take a look. The most recent news that the ship is floating is not shown. In fact, these are old videos with old news. I am sure even Google wouldn’t know the downside of showing videos first. I did not make this comparison to show that Google is wrong but to see for myself how the results differ. Mann.. I’ve just come out with something even I had not expected.  I guess Presearch will love me more after this. 😉

Not only that, a reader who does not believe in scrolling down (trust me, there are a lot of non-scrollers out there) would just miss the latest news. How odd is that? But let’s be fair to Google too.

When you scroll down, you see the relevant news. Here it is:


Boy-o-boy, I found something wrong with Google. Hahaha.

Objective Comparison:

  1. Both sites opened with the least wait time. I think Google’s response was faster. But then again, the difference would be in milli-seconds, I guess.
  2. The quality of site result? Well, you saw the results up there. I leave it your judgment.
  3. The best part, I searched for something, and Presearch paid me for that. The biggest plus!!

Over here +1 to Presearch. Now, let’s try out a sports search.


Let’s Test It Out | Part 2 | Sports

Now, I come from a country where Cricket is one of the most loved games, and yesterday it was a one-day international game between India and England. Let’s see the result of the match on both Presearch and Google.

Here is the result from Presearch:


Let’s look at Google now.


Ooo.. you can’t deny that this is the better search. You see the result of the match right in front of your eyes without having to click again. You will only click for further information if you wish to know how the match progressed.

So, in this case, +1 to Google.

Objective Comparison

  1. Speed of search – almost the same
  2. Quality of result – clearly Google was better
  3. But the thing is, here too, I earned from Presearch for my search

What is our verdict from the two searches? Yes, Google has advantages, but so does Presearch. In a short time, Presearch is trying to achieve what Google has achieved in two decades. Not only that but also the fact that the architecture of search is very different from Google’s. There is no owner, and there is no central authority when it comes to Presearch. In a world trying to move away from centralization, Presearch may be the right solution for search engines out there. So, watch out, Google.


But Presearch Believes in Collaboration Too

Let’s see Presearch’s main page again.


Did you notice that Google symbol appearing there? Not only Google but also Twitter, YouTube, and others. What are these site links doing here? Presearch does not just make a decentralized solution but also offers you the benefit of using any other sites for your search.

Let’s take our example of cricket that we searched on Presearch and Google. Let’s say you want to know the scores quickly, and you type that out on Presearch. Then you realize that you don’t have the results readily shown on the screen. What do you do? Open a Google tab?

No, you just click on the Google symbol on the page, and it takes your search and opens the Google page with that search. Cool, right? So, you’ve got your scores shown on the screen, and while you rush to get back to your work, you can be happy that you even earned while looking for the scores. A double plus!!

Here is a short video explaining how the search works on the backend.

Interesting, ain’t it?


But What If I Want to Run A Node?

Yes, that’s possible. Remember, in the beginning, I had said that as a mark of true decentralized working, anyone who is interested in becoming a part of the Presearch community could do so by operating a node? So, yes, you can operate a node and earn PRE tokens when search traffic is enabled through your node.

Here is a short tutorial on the node setup if it interests you.

It is easy to figure out that as more and more nodes join the network, finding the response to a query (search by the user) would improve and, therefore, the speed. As Presearch grows, so will its reach and performance. 😊


What Is This Keyword Staking Fad That I Keep Hearing?

Oh, this by far is the most pioneering solution that Presearch has presented. Most of the writers and authors would know what keywords are. There is an SEO industry behind Keywords, and there are many tools on the net ranging from Amazon to Google which have keyword optimizers. But none of them or any of the tools that I have seen so far allow you to stake for a keyword and benefit from it.

Let’s take an example. I have a website which talks about crypto space, and I know that the crypto world is centered around Bitcoin, at least, as of now. 😊 So, I get this idea that if I were to stake 1000 PRE tokens on Bitcoin as a keyword and point this keyword to my site, then Presearch will show my site as the first site on the search engine whenever someone searches for Bitcoin. How do you like that? This means that I get the traffic to my site and earn from the keyword staking. Not bad, huh?

Here is a tutorial about the same.

What happens when two people want to stake for the same keyword? The one who stakes the highest gets the keyword’s benefit. So, if A has staked 1000 PRE for a keyword while B has staked 2000 PRE for the same keyword, then the search engine automatically registers the keyword for B.

I am sure you like the idea. 😊


PRE Tokens and Marketplace

PRE is the native token of the Presearch economy. At the current market price, 1 PRE is equal to $ 0.098052. That’s quite good, especially when you keep getting about 0.09 dollars for every search. How does that sound? With the spread of Presearch and adoption, see the prices go up. How would you like Presearch at one dollar, and you keep getting one dollar for each search? It may happen too.

For those wanting to use Presearch, you can join here and earn 25 PRE tokens. Both you and I earn the same amount. The market is quite vibrant for PRE tokens and can be traded on Probit and KuCoin.


Presearch | My Impression

I feel Presearch is quite an exciting project which will continue to grow. I don’t see any reason for not choosing Presearch as your search tool of choice. As a user, we would not be alone. There are already more than 2 million users and growing. It is an exciting project, and the more enterprising may choose to run a node for Presearch. I am sure it would make quite good business sense.

That’s it from me for now. I hope readers have got a sense of the tool and would enjoy using it. With decentralization being the way forward, Presearch will certainly be there. The question is when would you choose to jump the wagon? 😊


 **Image Courtesy:** Google and Preserch front ends | Presearch resources | Johnhain at Pixabay


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