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One of the things we use the most on the Internet is search engines, one of the most used is Google worldwide. However, most if not all of them store the information we are looking for.

Generally, these systems work by selling the most requested searches and usually place the pages that buy the search services to place their products in the first pages. Making millions of dollars in profit per year.

An ordinary user only searches in the first 3 pages of results, maybe the fourth one too, but in a lower percentage.

With the information, we provide in our searches we can see that product contents will appear that we are not looking for but that could interest us due to other searches we have done previously.

For this reason, searches are not private. Many companies seek to catalog users to find potential customers for their products and increase sales on their digital platforms.

Digital commerce has become the most profitable way for companies today.

Unfortunately, our information is no longer private and there are even automatic profiles within these search engines that can determine the best marketing techniques to influence users.

Presearch presents a totally private platform, which allows searches to be totally secure and confidential since it does not store any type of personal information.


Presearch's search engine not only offers results as excellent as those offered by the most widely used search engines but also has a community of members participating in the project, improving the functionalities and will soon offer results curated by active users in the community.


Blockchain Technology



Presearch is empowered by blockchain technology. In this way, for each search performed, the user will have an incentive in PRE, the tokens of the platform. This way you can get a reward every time you perform a search with Presearch's search engine.



Presearch also offers advertising companies the possibility of placing their content on search pages through a bidding system entirely based on stakes in PRE tokens. Therefore, those who have more tokens staked will have a better chance to position their content in the first pages of results.

All this creates a sustainable environment that will allow the Presearch platform to grow. This process is called *Keyword Staking*.



Presearch is starting to deploy its new decentralized approach.

It is possible that you have encountered the famous error 500 or 404 when using a search engine, errors that perhaps you have rarely seen, and those who know them know how annoying they are.  This happens when our favorite search engine cannot attend to all the requests it receives during a certain period of time, collapsing and generating these horrible errors.

This happens because most search engines have a centralized approach. The entire platform is run from a single location. Generally from the servers of the company that represents them.

Presearch has deployed a technology that allows users and members of its ecosystem to serve as nodes to expand the functionality of its platform. Members who install the software on their computers will earn rewards depending on the availability and capacity of the computer they use to run the node software.

This allows for better performance and expansion of Presearch's search network.

So if you have an idle computer connected to the internet, you can try joining the Presearch community and function as a node and earn rewards for keeping it running.


Presearch Token (PRE)

As I mentioned earlier, PRE is the economic unit that powers the Presearch ecosystem. This token is ERC-20, which allows it to be manipulated on the Ethereum platform. Used for search rewards, use of nodes, perform staking, perform advertising operations and others corresponding to the Presearch ecosystem.

People who own PRE tokens, will be able to transfer, sell or buy these tokens using ERC-20 compatible wallets.



Token distribution

A list of wallet addresses and smart contract info can be found here:

You can see that Presearch is planning a series of continuous improvements through its RoadMaps.

Roadmap - Q1/Q2 2021


Roadmap - Q3/Q4 2021



You can use the following link to register in the Presearch platform and start getting rewards every time you need to use a search engine. If you have noticed, you will automatically get 25 PRE if you use the link.

Start using Presearch and get 25 PRE tokens* when you sign up from here


Remember that you must register to use the platform


You can download the Chrome extension and start using Presearch in your favorite browsers.



You can visit the following link to check that out 



As you have seen, Presearch is a new paradigm in search engines. In addition to keeping your information confidential and providing privacy (something very necessary nowadays), you have a system that will reward you for performing searches as effective as those provided by any other search engine; an activity that I am sure you do every day when you use the Internet.

Since it is a browser extension, you can deactivate it if you wish and continue using your favorite search engines, and let the world know about everything you do on the Internet.

Remember that there is a community behind this project, which grows with the passing of time and will constantly watch over the continuous improvement of the platform. Therefore, it is an alternative to the powerful, monopolizing, and centralized consortiums that manage the future of searches.


More information about Presearch


If you want to know more about Presearch you can visit its website and social networks:



Presearch Team 





White paper 


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