By SirGerardThe1st | Tokenomics | 22 Mar 2021

1. Introduction

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, are not the problem. They are a very small part. They are the visible faces of a tangled network woven together for the last 100 years that controls absolutely all the activity of the planet, taking refuge in the “freedom of markets and democracy”, two words that they created to lull the herd and make it believe that they are the owners of their lives (before sending them to the slaughterhouse as disposable).

I know that there are multiple models that explain the control that the "Illuminati" exercise over our lives. I have my own, which I call "The Pyramid of Evil" and which satisfies all my arguments when it comes to analyzing the causes of hunger, disease, wars, and the lies of the mainstream media.

In this post, written for the #SearchWithPresearch contest, I try to explain how central control works and why I believe that projects like Presearch can mean a turning point in evolution, as I have said so many times, an “interrupted equilibrium”.

In particular, after reading a lot of material about Presearch, I was very impressed with the concept of the Keyword Staking platform. I think it has the potential to totally destroy one of the most hypocritical, dirty, inaccurate, lying, and uncontrollable industries like the mass advertising industry.

The idea behind Keyword Staking is one of supernatural beauty and extreme simplicity. Well, now it's simple.

Any problem, once solved, is extremely simple.


In section 3 I dig a little deeper into the Keyword Staking model.



2) The Pyramid of Evil

I developed this model 10 years ago to explain in my university classes how the world would work in perfect anarchy. This served to put together a game between the students who continue to dispute year after year to set the rules of a new world.

The game is based on the assumption that there is a global pyramid of power, The Pyramid of Evil, that manages all, absolutely all activities on the planet, using a predatory capitalist system of resources, including human resources.

Of course, I am not going to delve into this model, I just want to show the scale of the monster that we are fighting. We talk a lot about decentralization, but it is difficult for us to visualize the global apparatus of centralization.

We live in a matrix perfectly ordered by a global chess game called PGS, Program of Global Stupidization, implemented through a strategic and precise balance that manages the Pyramid of Evil. This program was launched at the end of World War II, obviously, by the winning powers, currently generating a highly unstable situation, in which only 34 million people (0.7% of the world population) have more than one million dollars and hold 45.2% of world wealth. At the next level, 349 million people (7.4% of the world's population) have between $ 100,000 and a million and hold 39.4% of the world's wealth. Then 1,003 million people (21% of the world's population) have between 10,000 and 100,000 dollars and hold 12.5% ​​of the world's wealth. And finally, 3,386 million people (71% of the world's population) have less than $ 10,000 and "hold" 3% of the world's wealth.

The structure of the Pyramid of Evil consists of 7 levels shown below:


I briefly describe the composition of each level below.



The analogy with nature: Sheep. For a long time, sheep served as food for thousands of species, due to their docility and their characteristic of accepting their destiny and not rebelling.

Role in the system: Sheep are on the planet to consume and to be slaughtered when necessary.


Imagen by Peter H from Pixabay 


The analogy with nature: Cockroach. Dirt-related bug and extremely disgusting. Eat junk and glue. It is very resistant, even to nuclear radiation, and it reproduces in a dizzying way. It will never go away, but you don't have to worry too much because it is harmless.

Role in the system: Governments are the Pyramid of Evil police.


Imagen by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 


The analogy with nature: Crocodile. It is a butcher reptile, amphibian, stealthy, very strong and agile, devious, very dangerous for any species. Its hunting technique is very cautious: they approach under the water so that they cannot be perceived, coming out surprisingly so as not to give the prey time to react, which is grasped by its powerful jaw and carried under the water until it drowns. The crocodile turns violently on its body while it is holding on to its prey, to twist and tear it to pieces.

Role in the system: The Corporations are the Armed Forces of the Pyramid of Evil. They are the tactical tools used by the system to exercise power over the planet, once the strategy of the PGS has been set at the immediately higher levels.


Imagen by Hervé Clootens from Pixabay 

When I speak of corporations, I speak of gigantic transnational companies, with offices in many countries, with thousands of employees distributed in many hierarchical levels, so that all those employees, regardless of their hierarchy, are cogs of depersonalizing and shredding machines, which, protected in that they act in a legal way (with laws that they themselves write and control the international organizations of LEVEL 2), they prey on the planet in search of profitability for shareholders. The term "corporation" is very broad, so I try to narrow it down a bit more by dividing it into 10 types.

a- Food corporation. Food corporations should feed and maintain the health of the population. However, they have achieved the exact opposite. With capitalism's famous affair of shareholder profitability and efficiency, what they sell for consumption is junk and the result is a worldwide increase in pests like obesity and diabetes.

b- Pharmaceutical and hygiene corporation. The whole game consists of patenting a drug, a treatment, a device full of cables and electrodes, paying the tithe to the government organization in charge of approving drugs in the country, and thus improving the standard of living of humanity.

c- Energy and Natural Resources Corporation. It seems impossible that humanity could develop its activities without the energy provided by corporations since the Industrial Revolution. That is precisely what the energy emporium has achieved, total dependence on humanity as a whole.

d- Military-arms corporation. There is an obvious relationship between war, the arms race, terrorism, drug dealing, and global dominance. These corporations make pacts with the governments that they put in power to make the laws that protect them, and that allocate an enormous majority of the tax collection to pay them the manufacture of arms to protect the national integrity.

e- Technology corporation. Telecommunications, computing, mass information media, computers, smartphones, operating systems, centralized servers, means of payment, cashless society, GPS, drones, biometric data capture, analysis of purchases of the last 234 days, that is, the “total freedom” for the individual to express himself and realize himself.

f- Religious corporation. Why in the seventeenth century did the economy flourish in two Protestant countries, England and the Netherlands? Why is it that the economic decline of Spain, a Catholic power, took place at the same time? Why do all the great success stories about making a huge fortune in a single generation - the tale of the dishwasher who becomes a millionaire - come from the country of austere Puritanism, the United States? Max Weber demonstrated in his essay "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism" that there is a causal link between economic success and religion.

g- Transportation Corporation. Four gigantic companies are responsible for a staggering percentage of international freight transport. The ecosystem also needs roads, sea, and air routes, and "businessmen" to build or manage them. And here a barbaric mess arises, because the governments intervene, who only want the people to live better, and for that, they hand over the construction and administration of the routes to their friends. And then there is the issue of tolls, which is a spectacular business, judging by the size of the companies that manage and control tolls on all highways and roads in the world. And finally, the automotive, aeronautical, maritime industry, and its huge industrial plants ...

h- Entertainment Corporation. In the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, people did not think about traveling the world. Nobody wanted to know Budapest or Punta Cana or the fabulous amusement parks and thematic hotels and bars that are all over the world. The luxurious resorts were for the rich, and there were no spectacular hotels for the middle classes. Now yes. Do we call it “progress”? Or better yet manipulation of a cartel formed by the energy corporation, airlines and pleasure cruises, hotels, and bank loans, which are paid by credit card in 18 interest-free installments?

i- Textile Corporation. Large textile companies, especially those engaged in sports clothing and footwear, control the production, trade, distribution, and retail of clothing and textiles in the world. As the years go by, we could not expect anything else, the textile industry is concentrated in the hands of few companies that in this way regulate the price of products and of raw materials.

j- Scientific-educational corporation. Five companies control more than 50% of all scientific publications on the planet. And it is logical that this is the case. Knowledge, education, and its result, science, is the most fabulous strategic weapon that the Pyramid of Evil has. Science and technology can only be created in clusters controlled by the Pyramid of Evil, who create science and technology to dominate the planet. The more “prestigious” the university, the higher the tuition and fees, so that the future cog in the machine that is awarded a “diploma” will feel that their training “cost” a lot.



The analogy with nature: Vulture. Bird of prey that eats meat from dead animals, but can also hunt them alive. Since the beginning of time, it has been associated with cruelty and greed.

Role in the system: Commercial banks are the gas stations of corporations. They provide them with the necessary fuel so that they can fill the tanks of their predatory machines.


Imagen by PaulHampshire from Pixabay 


The analogy with nature: Bear. Territorial animal, very large and clumsy, omnivorous, provided with claws, and very fearsome. Due to its clumsiness and large size, it has no choice but to attack defenseless prey or harass flocks of sheep at night.

Role in the system: Central banks are the accountants of large banks. They record in a general ledger the money created by large banks to finance corporations.


Imagen by Eszter Miller from Pixabay 


The analogy with nature: Hyena. The carnivore with the strongest bite of all mammals. It makes a sound much like a high-pitched laugh. Its teeth are very powerful, prepared to crush the bones of large animals, so the bite on the neck of the prey is synonymous with instant death.

Role in the system: The international organizations are the audit companies of the central banks. They are created by corporations, banks, and governments to make predation "legal."


Imagen by 7103983 from Pixabay 


The analogy with nature: Vampire. A species of American bat that feeds on insects and sucks the blood of sleeping people and animals.

Role in the system: The BIS is the insurance superintendency of international organizations. It is responsible for showing that what international organizations endorsed is the right thing to do so that the world is a legal paradise.


Imagen by Dorothée QUENNESSON from Pixabay 

Do you understand that Google is only a small part of the problem?

It is then clear why I am such a defender of decentralization and because I hate with all my might the centralization imposed by this miserable system of Orwellian domination.

Even with all its mistakes and all the things that still need to be fixed, any decentralization attempt like the one Presearch proposes is always music to my ears.

Google is a "smart contract" that is invoked from the Pyramid of Evil to misinform.

On the other hand, Presearch does not depend on the interweaving of the centralized system, because its nodes are distributed among the people, in the herd, among those who are interested in making their content known without having to go through large corporations that handle mass communication. In graphic terms:


As an Executive Summary, I summarize the Pyramid of Evil roadmap:

The Pyramid of Evil encourages you to live in large cities because that is where the "progress" is, to consume junk foods full of preservatives, pesticides, and additives, which also produce diseases well known as world plagues, that you take 20 pills per day to normalize your metabolism, that you work in offices that do not allow you to move more than two meters in length, that you buy all possible home appliances that "free" you from tedious tasks, that you have credit cards and bank accounts, to be able to buy your progress items, your vacations, your car, all in 18 installments without interest. The Pyramid of Evil lowers the line of its subordinates "freely chosen by the people" to legislate laws and new taxes to finance wars that keep the large military corporations in operation and the entire global drug dealers circuit, which they use to eat away at the brains of young people, who are the ones who can truly start a revolution from the roots. They also unfortunately use religion for this task. Something as sublime as a personal belief in transcendence is used to finance businesses and gain power. To legalize its planetary actions, the Pyramid of Evil also counts with international organizations, and a central bank of central banks, with which we can sleep peacefully, everything is perfectly controlled.

Using humor a bit as a literary device, I show you three examples of how the mainstream handles misinformation. They are false examples, but if any of you have the courage to go to the end of the article, you will be surprised to see that humor has a lot to do with reality.

Examples are shown in three hypothetical covers of the famous international magazine "Wrap and Devour", The magazine for predators.


The real fact: The shameful rise in the poverty rate

Mainstream headline: the decency of living on $ 2 a day





The real fact: More and more retirees are paying income tax

Mainstream headline: The challenge of working until age 80





The real fact: Porca-Cola is the main polluter on the planet with 200,000 plastic bottles per minute

Mainstream headline: Porca-Cola hits a new sales record for its beverage and Wall Street expects a sharp rise


How to stop this abusive outrage against the goodwill of the people?


3) Presearch or the Rebel Alliance

What I'm trying to say is that Google and other centralized search engines not only take your data and sell it without giving you a single penny in return (in the same way that retail banks work with your money without giving you anything in return), but, in addition, they "produce" the information you consume, in a way that is in accordance with the interests of the Pyramid of Evil.

The content producers are you and I, who analyze the environment and express it using critical thinking. If power remains in the hands of the people and is accessed by a search engine that searches through people's content, then at least we can be sure that we are not feeding any centralized corporate machine.

I have been using Presearch since May 2, 2020, when I read Cryptonator's article on combining Brave and Presearch, which can be read here.

Since then, I have never used another search engine again. The idea that my inquiries are not made through the Pyramid of Evil, and that they do not serve to sell them to a seller of underpants to torture me with thousands of spam messages until I block him/her, fascinated me from the first moment, and it more than fed my utopian anarchist spirit.

I have read all the articles that my colleagues wrote about this contest, and I think that all the topics are already deeply analyzed. I just want to elaborate a little on a concept that for me is revolutionary, knowing how I know the world of marketing, brands, and advertising, in which I developed my entire professional career for more than 35 years.

I mean the concept of Keyword Staking. Through this solution, you can get traffic to your site for free. It is so. You buy PRE or receive a PRE gift, the Presearch utility token. Then you stake them on a keyword that is directly related to your business. For example, if you are a pig farmer, then choose “pig”. Finally, you create your own advertisement and upload it to the Keyword Staking platform. That is the prompt that will appear when someone searches for “pigs” in Presearch. The selection for the first places of the appearance of your advertisement is made according to the amount of PRE that you staked. The higher the number of PRE staked, the more likely to appear in the first places in the search.

How is this different from the Google Ads program?

Basically in two things:

1- The Keyword Staking program is special for small entrepreneurs, due to the nature of its design. The people, the small producer of pigs, is the protagonist by putting their ad in Presearch staking their PREs that they later recover. The Little producer would never be able to access Google Ads because his/her money is spent so quickly and he/she never sees it again.

2- While you have your PRE staked to generate traffic to your site, you cannot use them for anything else, because if you withdraw them, you will also withdraw your advertisement. But when you decide to do it, your PREs will always be yours and you can do with them whatever you want and the decentralized platforms of the crypto-sphere and the wallets where you keep them allow you. That is, the money you put in helped you generate traffic, but then you withdraw your money, and then, the traffic you generated was completely free. If in the middle of the process, the PRE token increased in value in the market, then above all you have more money than you put in, and also you have traffic that you did not have before. Do you understand this shift of power towards the people from the Pyramid of Evil?

When you put money on GoogleAds, you will never see it again. Google will keep it. Instead, Presearch returns the PRE that you staked to advertise your business. Too good to be true?

The Keyword Staking model is really fascinating. In the stocking process, entrepreneurs take a good amount of PRE out of circulation, that is, they create a shortage. As the people of the herd (level 7) begin to learn about this model to advertise their small businesses, and assuming that Presearch is going to become over time the search engine that everyone uses, mainly due to the knowledge that their data does not will be used by gigantic corporations for their own benefit without giving out anything in return, so it is to be expected that the value of PRE will grow dramatically. The “scarcity-mass adoption” formula is unbeatable.

Unfortunately, the enormous entrepreneurial mass of the planet is still unaware of Presearch and the power of Keyword Staking. But when one reads Presearch's Vision Paper and understands the energy and passion that the team is putting into this project, one ends up thinking that it is possible to change this unequal world.

Using Presearch is like saying “Google, we are not afraid of you”.


With its nodes distributed among the people, since anyone can run a Presearch node with their computer, Presearch becomes a PVM, Presearch Virtual Machine, which does not have to be Turing complete, but it simply needs to act as a virtual search engine distributed among thousands of computers that do not depend on any central authority or any pyramid of power. The dream of anarchy just around the corner.


To finish, I show a short experiment, three different queries with their results in Presearch and Chrome.


a) Query: Worst companies for the environment 2020







b) Query: Human beings are the main cause of water pollution 2020





c) Query: Five companies control more than 50% of all scientific publications of the planet since 2006






Make your own conclusions. For me, it’s clear that we need to quickly get the Keyword Staking program up and running. Imagine the ads of entrepreneurs running on a Presearch Virtual Machine, knowing that none is "produced" or "made up" and that it cannot be manipulated in any way…


Thank you for reading!


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down below


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