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My first payout is on the way

1 day ago ModernEuler $0.04 (12.4546 BNTY)

I started my Journey here in Publish0x as a reader first, then last week I started to write (with my poor English ofcourse) to share ideas.  As you know, Publish0x changes the the nature of blogging and disseminating of information by awarding both t...

New era is coming: Number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide increasing rapidly day by day

5 days ago ModernEuler $0.03 (8.5191 BNTY)

  Although we are in a bear market, adoption of cryptocurrencies is increasing rapidly. For example,  Dash is widely used in Venezuella. (Churchs chicken starts accepting dash).      Bitcoin is used in a trade settlement of pesticides and fumigation...

Be ready for the next bull run.

1 week ago ModernEuler $0.02 (6.1926 BNTY)

Today I am going to use two important terms to show you how to estimate the start and end of Bull Run or bear market: Death Cross and Golden Cross. We can use moving averages to determine the trends by smoothing the prices over time and to spot trend...