#SearchWithPreSearch : The Search Engine We Are Waiting For.

#SearchWithPreSearch : The Search Engine We Are Waiting For.

By Meyzee | meyzee | 28 Mar 2021

What do we want?
- A search engine with privacy!
What is the answer?
- PreSearch!
Why will it benifits you?
- Search anonymously and get paid!

Everyday, we used the internet to search different key terms, we searches news, searches vocabulary translation, searches people, song lyrics, even our favorite website that we always want to look, social medias and many more! Search engines has become our daily routine, a habit and more importantly it has made everything easier! Like looking for a recipe you want to cook! And even shopping online! And what sad about these search engines it copies and stored all your search key terms. Your data has become vulnerable and your privacy is at stake! Imagine you search your ex on your search engine and when your wife sees it, it can create war! You're just curious anyways nah! Everything is stored with these search engines like google! There is history of searches, passwords are saved. And that made it more vulnerable to hackers and such.

But PreSearch got you covered! You can search different videos on pornhub and watch em all you want and thats between you and PreSearch dirty little secret! Not only that you can search without worrying youre getting hack. Because is a decentralized search engine that allows you to search anonymously and privately! So you do not worry that your searches are being stored and copy. And what is the best is you also earn tokens! Woah! My inner crypto is shaking!

We all know that google has earned billions of money when we search, when we click ads, but did it paid us? No. But with PreSearch you can get paid! Even just by creating account you will receive a 25 PreTokens! Isn't that awesome? Currently, PreTokens is trading at $0.1 and how much is that 25PreTokens? It is equivalent to $2.5 dollar! And it can go beyond that overtime! I suggest you start now and earn now! Moreover I told you a while ago that we can earn Pretokens when you search, each search is equivalent to 0.12Pre as of this writing! But there is a daily limit of search you can have. Yesterday I have earned 0.72Pre while searching but I did it only for a few minutes. And you know, everything can change depending on the market price fluctuation!

So how to sign up with PreSearch? You just need to register your email and verified it! And then you will received the 25PreTokens! Sign up here under my affiliate! https://keywords.presearch.org/signup?rid=2342706! By registering under my refferal I get 25 eligible Pretokens, if you verified your email, earned another 25 PreTokens, and use Presearch for 30days after your initial signup!

And what is Pre? (Token)

It is an Etherium based on ERC20! The maximum supply of PRE is limited to 500 000 000! And the all time high trading of Pre is 1.40 as per record last January 3, 2018 and has a lower trading record of 0.001373 last November 2019, and is currently trading at $0.11!

What can you do more at Presearch?

Key Staking!
- by my understanding, you can create a keyword where you can creates ads and when someone search the word the ads will start to display! Correct me if I am wrong! You can read it to here to understand it more!



You can read more here,

Closing thoughts!!!

I have been a Presearch member since 3 days ago and I am exploring the site for more! What I want to remind everyone is do not use any hacking device just to earn PreTokens! Do not turn this amazing creation as a farming tool! Use it as normal as possible how you do your daily searches! #SearchWithPresearch!

Pps. You need 1000Pretokens before you can withdraw any tokens. So if you earn 3.6 Pretokens daily, you need 278 days before you achieved your 1000Pretokens. Hehe quite long though! Hope it can be improved.

I accept any critism, to any words of what I have written! See you in the comment section below! Thanks for reading!!! 


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