How to setup Presearch to make it useful.

By Sugarfix | Some Crypto Things | 26 Mar 2021

This is a quick 5 minute guide on how to setup/use Presearch for all new users. 

When you register with Presearch and start using it you will be disappointed to find that it just uses Google to search at first. This is because you have to have to do a little bit of setting up first to make it actually useful. Before showing you how to do that you need a very short explainer on how to use Presearch. Type what you are searching for in the search box but DO NOT HIT ENTER. Instead hit one of the icons below it to use different search engines/search specific sites. For example if you want to search Wikipedia you click on the W., Amazon is the A with the swoosh arrow below it, and Youtube is the "Play button" etc. A new tab should open with the search results.


If you put in another term and hit enter it will search the last button you clicked on so in the case above it will be Youtube. One of the most useful searches is the the three dots which are highlighted above. That will take you to the page below.


Here you can pull up searches on multiple sites and engines.


If you want to add icons to the list below the search box on the front page you should click the "cog" icon just to the right of the three dots. That will take you to the following.


Whatever you click on will be added to the icon list. If the one you want isn't listed you can create a new one. Click the "Add New Provider" tab


And you can add in a website address - *Use the more info button if you are having problems getting it to work.

You only need to do this once and the 5 minutes you have spent setting Presearch up actually makes it useful. I don't actually use Google excepting for Google Scholar (which is irreplaceble to date). When I launch my browser I specifically have a tab open for Presearch and log in.

While you will only get Presearch tokens for searching with DSearch and PSearch it is worth using search engines specific to your continent/region. Duckduckgo for the Americas, Qwant for Europe, Yandex for Russia etc. Alternatively there is always old faithful Dogpile which will do a metasearch, compiling the results of multiple engines.

Hope you find this quick guide useful


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