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Part of the team Publish0x. Interested in Cryptos and Blockchain, Travel, Basketball and Hiking.

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Why Blog on Publish0x? Case Study + Stats from Blockchain and Crypto Teams Blogging on Publish0x

1 week ago Igor Tomić $15.28 (10,178.5759 HYDRO)

It's been seven months since the first post was published on Publish0x - Welcome to Publish0x - on October 11th. Since then more than 7,500 users have joined Publish0x, and they have published close to 6,500 posts! *View Publish0x stats here. For th...

Publish0x April Update

4 weeks ago Igor Tomić $9.92 (6,609.6012 HYDRO)

Hi Publish0x community. Here's a short (but sweet) update form us on what we've been up to in the last month, and what you can expect in the near future.   1. We've added our first new token - HYDRO is the main token for April! Apart from adding HYD...

Publish0x March Update

25 Mar 2019 Igor Tomić $9.00 (6,006.9672 HYDRO)

Hi Publish0x community, Finally, here's an official update from us. :) I realize that we didn't make an effort to let you all know what we are doing with Publish0x, where we see the future of the platform and how the development is progressing. Looki...