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I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

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T-Mobile and Sprint FINALLY merged!

3 days ago 2 minute read comments TrocProcLock

So as of today (April 1st) T-Mobile has merged with Sprint! It has been a super long courtship between the two going back years. They tried to merge once before and it failed threw because Softbank (Sprint parent company) wanted more control than T-M...

Publish0x HYDRO withdraw limit changed?!?!

1 week ago 1 minute read comments TrocProcLock

So in the past the minimum withdraw limit has been a couple hundred HYDRO. And usually it takes me a while to earn enough HYDRO to withdraw it so I don't really pay any attention to my HYDRO amount. But last night I was curious as to what the withdra...

Tezos co-founder created a Tezos based Card Card "Emergents"

2 weeks ago 2 minute read comments TrocProcLock

So just a little backstory first; there is this company called "Coase". It is a blockchain company which is led by Kathleen Breitman. Kathleen is a Tezos co-founder. So the company Coase is about to release a new card game that is based on the Tezos...

Binance US is trading Tezos XTZ now and other Binance updates!

2 weeks ago 1 minute read comments TrocProcLock

Starting on March 16th, 2020 at 9am EST you can trade XTZ on Binance US with the following pairs XTZ/USD XTZ/BUSD. In order to trade and deposit USD for XTZ your account will need to the pass their fiat verification. Binance is also launching a new...

Actually pretty sweet Bitcoin Faucet (and I hate faucets)

3 weeks ago 2 minute read comments TrocProcLock

So I came across a Faucet that is probably the best and easiest faucet. Normally I shy away from Faucets because you get such little return for your time investment. And while this Faucet still gives you a little each time you claim it can be done ev...

Everything that the CoronaVirus has cancelled, postponed, or just screwed up!!

3 weeks ago 2 minute read comments TrocProcLock

So I wanted to recap for everyone what has been cancelled or adjusted because of the coronavirus. This is not a definitive list but a general list that I could come across.** everything in italics was added after the initial post** The virus just pos...

What's wrong with Publish0x and the content here

3 weeks ago 5 minute read comments TrocProcLock

There are a few things that have bugged me here on Publish0x and I wanted to take a moment to express them to you all and the community at large. Some are not fixable by the Publish0x team and I think some are so here we go. Quality of Content: Look...

Brave partners with the TAP Network! Spend your BAT on real world items

3 weeks ago 1 minute read comments TrocProcLock

Brave Software announced today that they have 'partnered' with the TAP network. You can now spend your hard earned BAT in the TAP Network. For those of you who don't know what the TAP Network is let me explain it for you. TAP Network is a rewards pla...

4 News Articles that you might have missed over the last 48 hours

3 weeks ago 1 minute read comments TrocProcLock

So lets go over recent Crypto/World news. With the coronavirus happening it is effecting the world in many ways. It is also effecting the financial world and the crypto world by association.   On Monday (March 9th, 2020) the entire cryptocurrency mar...

$1,000 prize pool in Tezos setup to help fight Corona Virus using Folding@Home

4 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments TrocProcLock

I am going to start with what Folding@Home is first and then get into what this $1,000 pool is about. So Folding@Home was the original miner. It is a piece of software that runs on your computer that uses your extra resources to basically help find c...