How do search operators behave in Presearch
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How do search operators behave in Presearch

By ClaudioC | Claudio's Presearch blog | 26 Mar 2021

I am a great fan of the Presearch project. In fact Presearch and Brave BATs are my 2 preferred cryptocurrency projects.

At first however I was not completely satisfied with the output of the searches compared to Google Search. Sometimes searches would not even return results except for the sponsored ads. I frequently used search operators such as "phone", and I had the feeling that these were not working in Presearch. 

To confirm if search operators works in Presearch, I decided to do a comparison of all search syntax terms I am aware of.

Before getting to the results, one has to know that there are 2 search engines run by Presearch. One is DSearch ( and the other one is the Presearch Engine.
DSearch and Presearch are nearly the same. There is very little information around on why DSearch exists. I have the impression that it is an earlier search engine, that is still maintained for some reason. Here is an article ( that mentions DSearch but it is npw outdated as it mentions extra rewards when running searches on DSearch. As of today, Presearch will not provide extra rewards if one runs searches on DSearch compared to Presearch

Note that there is a "third" Presearch engine that you could use, the Testnet Presearch Engine.  You can add it as any other search providers from the Presearch main page by going to your account profile, selecting Search Providers and searching for Testnet. Purpose of the Testnet engine is to direct your searches to the test servers that are currently used to evaluate the new decentralized search Nodes architecture. I have set this one as my default search provider, it works just as well as the main Presearch Engine.

The comparison of search syntax operators I will report below is based on the list of Google Search syntax operators provided  in this post (


Double quotes - Forces an exact-match search.
Works in both Presearch and DSearch. Ex. "auto car" vs auto car without quotes.
OR or | (pipe) - Search for X or Y.
Works in both Presearch and DSearch.
AND - Search for X and Y.
Works in both Presearch and DSearch.
"-" prefix. Exclude a term or phrase. 
Works in both Presearch and DSearch.
"*" - Acts as a wildcard and will match any word or phrase.
Works in both Presearch and DSearch.
( ) - Group multiple terms or search operators to control how the search is executed. (android or ios) phone
Works in both Presearch and DSearch.
$ or € - Provide conversion rates.
Work in both Presearch and DSearch.
define: - Return a dictionnary definition of the searched word. 
Works in Presearch. A box on the right will provide the definition. ot same layout as in Google Search. Does not work with DSearch
cache: - For Google Search this returns the cached web page that is requested.
This does not work. Either Presearch is not caching pages at the moment, or if it does, it does not provide this feature to the users.
filtype/ext - Only provides results that have a specific file extension.
Works in both Presearch and DSearch. Google Search provides an extra label in the result page that informsthat the result entry is a pdf doc. Presearch does not highlight that.
site: - Restricts the search to subdomains of the entered site
This works well with Presearch, but does not work in DSearch
related: - Finds sites related to a given domain.
This works well with Presearch, but does not work in DSearch
intitle: / allintitle: - The entered search words are searched on page titles only
Works in both Presearch and DSearch
inurl: / intext: / allintext:- The entered search word is searched in the content of the page or in the url of the page. 
Works in both Presearch and DSearch
weather: - Returns weather infos
Works, but not as fancy as google result page
Use search engine as calculator.
Used not to work, but now works in Presearch Engine and says "Created by PresearchOfficial Version 1.0.1". Also works in DSearch and says "Created by PresearchOfficialVersion 1.0.0". 
Does not return a map result, just a normal search result
Works in presearch, returns both search results and video links similar to what google returns. In DSearch returns more classical search results.
$329 in GBP -
Does not provide direct conversion as in Google
source: - Searches in Google News
Does not work (expected it not to, it is a command to look for sources in Google News)
Word1 AROUND(n) Word2 - Proximity search. Find pages containing two words or phrases within X words of each other
Works in Presearch / DSearch


Bottomline, the operators work nearly the same in Google Search vs Presearch. 


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