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I am 52 years old. I live in the North-West of Russia in the ancient city of Veliky Novgorod. I have a law degree. For 22 years he worked as a legal adviser in the timber industry. Now a freelancer.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Cryptobrewmaster

17 Sep 2020 Khazrakh

18 September 2020
Hey. Yesterday I brewed my first beer and sold it. Today I read your article and I think that in the future I will follow your advice. :) Good luck with the game. Thank you for the article.

TRONex: A New Investment Platform Based on TRX Blockchain Smart Contract Technology

15 Sep 2020 Mina Down

15 September 2020
The TRONex website says: - we will double your income; - 200% income. Having read such statements, I will never contact this site. This is very (very!) Similar to fraud.

Turning my Old Computer Into A Miner - Update 2 - It's ALIVE!!!!!!

6 Sep 2020 The Crypto Oracle

07 September 2020
Good luck to you. P.S. I think your idea is good if you connect free electricity :)

Turning my Old Computer Into A Miner - Update 2 - It's ALIVE!!!!!!

6 Sep 2020 The Crypto Oracle

06 September 2020
356 days to get your money back. It was interesting as an experiment, but not interesting as a way of earning money.

Top Things You Should Know About UMA (UMA)

17 Aug 2020 MuyAsk

17 August 2020
Thank you for the article. Very interesting and very helpful.

Top Things You Should Know About Gnosis (GNO)

14 Aug 2020 MuyAsk

14 August 2020
Thanks for the interesting article. I learned a lot :)

The Great Gas Crisis of 2020

14 Aug 2020 Creepto

14 August 2020
Thank you for the article. Very well written.

Ethereum Transactions Now More Expensive Than a Meal in Brazil

13 Aug 2020 TheDesertLynx

14 August 2020
I don't understand - is this a form of masochism to create difficulties for oneself? For more than a year I have found a crypto exchange on which there are no transfer fees for some currencies. Expensive gas fees on Ethereum - I don't give a damn, I transfer ETH to LTC or DASH or USDT on the ETH exchange and withdraw crypto to my wallet or sell crypto for dollars or euros.

TrustSwap - A Revolution in DeFi

13 Jul 2020 pasdfkjouj09jk

14 July 2020
What you described here should be published as a separate article. In order for this article to be available to people on social networks. Many people continue to believe that banks protect their savings. People believe that all of these KYC requirements on cryptocurrency exchanges are designed to protect them. P.S. Look at what Coinbase is doing now, and tell me - is this normal? Thank.

Statera Project AMA: $200 in DAI Prize Pool for Participants! #StateraAMAPublish0x


14 July 2020
I’m interested in this question: is your project somehow protected from the influence of banks and government of countries that want to establish control over the cryptocurrency and the crypto community?

What is dYdX

1 Jul 2020 D3F1

01 July 2020
Thank. Very interesting. I’ll get to know this platform closer.

Dollar Declining At Warp Speed?

25 Jun 2020 Gary Leland the Bitcoin Boomer

25 June 2020
Tired while reading. The text is too big. Next time write even less.

Block.one Litigation: Lessons for Promoters?

22 Jun 2020 JamesIrving

23 June 2020
The Americans: as long as they make a profit, they don’t see a violation of the law, as soon as instead of a profit they begin to receive losses, so they shout right away - it was a violation of the law.

What are Balancer Pools? The Dawn of a New Financial Instrument

16 Jun 2020 KnewMoney

17 June 2020
I really liked it. Good article, good links. There would be more such materials here. Thanks you.

Best 3 cryptocurrency payment gateways provider

4 Jun 2020 cracken

05 June 2020
What you have listed is not the best payment gateways. The Сoinbase has generally proved itself poorly lately.

Steemit & Justin Sun - Detailed Timeline [FULL STORY]

4 Jun 2020 Li_KungFu

05 June 2020
Good review. He helped me figure out what happened. I will follow your articles. Thank.

CoinMarketCap has a “Trust” index for crypto exchanges

30 May 2020 DHEagle

30 May 2020
Это индекс доверия от CoinMarketCap или от Tron? Вот в чем вопрос.

Top Things You Should Know About OmiseGO (OMG)

27 May 2020 MuyAsk

28 May 2020
Thanks for the interesting article. I'm glad you came back.

RUSSIA : A bill proposed to enforce the ban on cryptocurrencies , Offenders could be jailed upto 7 years.

26 May 2020 Blockchain Times

26 May 2020
Normal people in Russia have long spit on what the Kremlin and the State Duma come up with.

Trezor and Ledger Data Can Be Hacked ?

25 May 2020 Creativeboy

25 May 2020
When they say to you: "Hackers hacked our database and stole customer information," do not believe it. This is one of the employees of this company who made his small business and sold a database to hackers.

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The Reason Why I Love Publish0x

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I joined Publish0x in May 2020, I did not know much about the platform then I kept a distance and skipped the website. Three months later,  I was starting to think about the website again, specifically in August, 1st 2020. I sign in with my tweeter a...

Uniswap V3 Coming? Possibly Layer 2 Solution Ready? Bullish...

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I love to write on things I am passionate about - environment, citizens activism, crypto and life in general. I am a cat enthusiast, nature lover. I am excited to engage at the Publish0x platform by reading and writing crypto and other content here.


Family man, entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, robotics, sustainable construction and real estate business owner since 1989.