Presearch: Decentralized Way To Earn While You Search

Presearch: Decentralized Way To Earn While You Search

By MikeZillo | Blockchain Insights | 24 Mar 2021

Hello Publish0x community! Today I am happy to bring you this article dedicated to the Presearch contest. Presearch is a search engine that I respect a lot since I have been a supporter of it for about 2 years. Precisely for this reason, when I saw that the contest was just about this project, I took the opportunity immediately and I decided to participate in this new contest in March too! I can't wait to explain in this article some of the main features of Presearch (PRE), its differences compared to other search engines and I also want to bring you my experience of my 2 years of use.

In this article I am going to develop 3 macro areas:

  • The first about the search experience.
  • The second about the decentralized search engine and Keyword Marketing Platform.
  • The third about my experience and the main differences with other search engines.

Presearch aims to build a next-generation search engine supported by its own community. Presearch is a very ambitious project. Google is one of the best companies in the world and one of the biggest companies on the Internet. Improving results, experience and integration is not an easy task, and even impossible for many people. Presearch believes that the community can creatively meet their search needs from scratch to create a surprising and open search engine that meets everyone's interests.

Presearch already has more than 1.5 million registered users and more than 330,000 searches are conducted through its engine every day. Presearch is 100% free and will reward its users with PRE tokens for using its search engine. It can also boast more than 10 million monthly visits, a telegram channel with 8000 members and a Youtube channel with 11,000 subscribers. In October 2018, Presearch partnered with Blocky browser Metalyfe, which provides its users with secure access, digital identity, and ownership of browsing data through its decentralized web service. This partnership strengthens Metalyfe's mission to provide users with a safe browsing experience. Metalyfe Wallet (a multi-currency wallet integrated in the Metalyfe browser) supports PRE tokens. Therefore, every time you browse using Metalyfe and Presearch, users will benefit from the integration of PRE tokens and Lyfe coins in a single wallet.

Presearch is developed by Presearch Global Limited, a private company headquartered in Midland, Ontario, Canada. The most relevant team member is Presearch’s founder, Colin Pape. Colin is a serial entrepreneur who created, a community business network platform, which provides interactive store activities for small communities to connect local businesses and consumers online. In 2011, Colin found himself caught in a struggle with Google and realized that the world urgently needed a transparent and open search engine. Therefore, it really seemed necessary giving life to Presearch.

When I personally discovered Presearch I thinked about a scene like this:


I personally love their mission!

With Presearch the company believes that the world deserves a community-driven, grassroots, decentralized search engine that’s built by and for the community it aims to serve. This community will uncover methods of cycling value through the communities they support, using technologies they trust, generating wealth, preserving privacy and building freedom in the world. By becoming more and more accountable and transparent, Presearch will win the trust of its community, attracting many of the best and brightest talent in the process. The search engine should reward those who have contributed to its success, and use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to adjust the interests of all its stakeholders.

Search Experience

The experience of Presearch involves many different aspects, as Presearch prepares to release the initial version of Presearch's decentralized search experience. The search tool enables users to customize their Presearch experience, from their settings and colors to their chosen search providers.

There are more than 100 different search engine providers, including general search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo, media search engines like YouTube and Facebook, and specialized search engines like and Github.

One of the main things that differentiates this innovative search engine from all the others is the fact that it rewards all its users for every search they do. That's right, you understand perfectly well. For each search you do on Presearch, you will receive 0.25 PRE, up to a maximum of 8 PRE per day. Think of all the searches you've done so far on all the other search engines and they've never given you a dime!


The earned reward tokens will be saved in the user account and accumulated there until

The number of eligible tokens exceeds the minimum withdrawal threshold, currently set to 1,000 PRE.

Presearch has also a mobile app with a renewed version recently introduced. The app is available for both Android and iOS. The Presearch mobile app allows users to use Presearch as the default search engine on their mobile devices, allow them to search anytime and anywhere and get rewards for every single research. The mobile app helps increase Presearch user retention and growth. The mobile app is also more than just a search tool and also acts as a full browser which can be used to surf the web and to earn PRE while you search.

Then, we can also use the browser extensions that enable users to search from the address bar in their web browser.

Decentralized Search Engine

Search engines are very complex and building a decentralized search engine will bring some unique challenges, which are not applicable to centralized search engines. Presearch is now preparing to release its decentralized technology. A new search engine experience that can run on node servers operated by members of the Presearch community.

The Presearch search engine architecture consists of six core layers:

  • Core Services: Advertising API, Account Management API, Search Rewards Tracking, Keyword Staking, Marketplace and other critical Presearch services which are managed by Presearch.
  • Web Server: Receives Search Requests from Presearch users and passes them on to the Gateway to generate results.
  • Node Registry: Manages the identity of all nodes, node stats and any rewards payouts to node operators.
  • Node Gateway: Receives requests from the Web Server.
  • Search Packages: Open-source plugins which return intelligent answers and info boxes in response to specific queries.
  • Nodes: Decentralized search “workers” which connect to the Node Gateway and perform search operations.

Keyword Marketing Platform

The Presearch keyword marketing platform is similar to the Google AdWords platform, but there are many key differences due to the stage of the project and the unique opportunity to use it with blockchain tokens to calculate and transfer value. The keyword advertising opportunity is enormous: it generated more than $134 billion in revenue for Google alone just in 2019.

If someone tells you that they are looking for something, and you can tell them that you are providing exactly what they are looking for, then they are likely to become your customers. The percentage of users who see your ad and then buy from you is called "conversion rate." The conversion effect of keyword advertising is very good, because searchers express their "transaction intent" or "need" through keywords entered into the search engine. This is called "targeted advertising" because advertisers are not trying to convince someone that they need it, they already believe they need it and are looking for it ti be directed to people who can meet their requirements.

My Experience

As I already told you at the beginning of the article, I got to know Presearch and start using it already in 2019, so I can give you an example of my experience. I got along very well with Presearch right from the start. I first installed the extension on my Brave Browser (maybe I'll do an article on this browser too) and set it as the default search engine. In these two years I have never had any problem, and everything has always been fine. Later I started using it also on a mobile device.


This image is an example of my eligible tokens. I have accumulated 212 PRE tokens. When I started, 2 years ago, the PRE token value was around 0,02$, now is around 0,10$.

I certainly won't be able to buy a Lambo thanks to Presearch but why not accumulate some more crypto for something I already do, without getting rewards?


So, what are you waiting for to register on Presearch and start accumulating crypto while you search the web?

  • Sign up here:
  • Have a look at the tutorial and join to receive your 25 PRE Bonus!
  • Start searching with Presearch
  • You can make up to 8 PRE tokens per day and now their value is just a few dollar cents in total, but the project is developing and growing. Presearch tokens can be a free good bet for the next future.

Thanks to Publish0x for introducing the Presearch project to many people, and thanks to Presearch for being another important example of progress in this area.

Presearch is ready to fight with all the major players in search engines!

What is your opinion about Presearch? Did you already know this project or is it the first time?

Let me know in a comment below!

*All the pics and screenshots are made by the author*

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