Hello and Welcome to Publish0x, a place where both authors and readers earn crypto!

Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic publishing platform similar to Medium.com, where many authors join and publish content that gets tipped by users (tips are free and supplied by us!).

For a quick, 1min 30 second rundown, we recommend watching this short segment on Publish0x made by Coin Bureau (timestamped):


Glad to have you aboard. :-) Now that you've registered, here's what you can do:


How to Earn Crypto on Publish0x - a Quick Overview.


  • Earn by Reading! Send a FREE tip to your favorite writers and earn crypto, or tip your favorite writer or the creator of great video you've just watched and keep a portion of the tip for yourself.
  • Earn by Publishing Articles! You can become an author and earn from tips readers leave on your articles.
  • Tips are Free for both authors and readers - they are sponsored by us and come from our rewards pool.
  • Earn via our Ambassador Program - earn 5% of the tips your referrals make on articles, via our free tipper.


Do You Have Proof That You Pay?

Of course we do! You can see all transaction hashes of withdrawals we send to our users weekly. You can see those here:



Earn Crypto by Reading!

Tip authors you like - it's free - we supply the tips!



Take a look at this 17 second video that explains how to tip an author on Publish0x. This is free for both you and the author - tips are supplied by us - and you get to keep a percentage of the tip for yourself.


Take a look at some of the popular articles, and use the tipper now (free both for you and the author)!



Earn Crypto by Publishing!

Become a Blogger and earn crypto - publish your articles and videos on Publish0x and earn crypto when readers send tips your way!


Apply to Become a Blogger Invite your friends and earn crypto!



Earn Crypto Via our Ambassadors Program!

Get 5% of the tips people you've invited make by tipping articles via our tipper.


Visit Ambassadors Hub Learn more about the Publish0x Ambassadors Program.



Need More Info? We've Got You Covered!



This page is a selection of important links that will help you understand Publish0x, how it works, who we are and how you can reach out to us:


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