#ChangeNOWExplained Contest Winners Announced - $495 Instead of $350 Given Out in #Crypto!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 28 Jul 2020

Thank you to all who have participated in the ChangeNOWExplained Writing Contest and Twitter Giveaway. Now, it's time to announce the winners!

The contest was announced here, and you can see all the entries submitted into the ChangeNOWExplained contest here.


The Rewards Pool has been Increased from $350 to $495 ($445 in DAI)!


Before we do that, I want you to know that the prize pool was increased from $350 ($300 in DAI + $50 in Extra Rewards) to $495 - out of which $445 in DAI via Publish0x.com, plus $50 in extra rewards added to winners of the affiliate portion of the contest, paid directly to their ChaneNOW Partners Account.



How Will the Winners be Paid?

The rewards have already been added to user accounts and their posts. There was a lot of you who got a reward this time. If there were any mistakes, please let me know either via igor @ publish0x.com or in Publish0x Telegram Group.


Top 4 Posts - the Authors of These 4 Posts Have Won $30 Each.



The four winners were chosen by the ChangeNOW's team content director. 

He would like to invite virtugrana, SamBTC, paragism and Tee Fak to become ChangeNOW copywriters. They can contact ChangeNOW via [email protected].


The Authors of These 14 Posts Won $10 Each.



There were many other good posts worth a reward too. This time, our team and ChangeNOW team have decided to give a bigger number of smaller rewards, and have selected the following 14 posts. The authors of the posts have all won $10 in DAI!


The Authors of These 27 Posts Won $5 in DAI Each.




These 3 Users Will Split the Extra $50 Reward.



We have 3 affiliate link winners. These rewards were planned to be added to the users respective ChangeNOW Partners Accounts. But due to some complicated internal financial processes, ChangeNOW team has decided to distribute the affiliate rewards to the payout BTC addresses specified in the users partners profile. All 3 transactions have been completed successfully.

Here's the list:


These 10 Users Who Have Tweeted About the Contest Have All Won $5 in DAI Rewards!




A Question for the Authors Who Have Participated in the Contest.


What motivates you to participate in the contests? Do you prefer contests with a smaller number of bigger rewards, or a bigger number of smaller rewards? Do you have any suggestions for future contests.

Please let me know your thoughts on these in the comments. :) I appreciate it, your thoughts will help find the best format future contests!



Again, thank you all of you who have participated, and congratulations to the winners!






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