ChangeNOW | My in-depth view of ChangeNOW and experience using it

Hello everyone! I hope you all doing well and awesome. In this article I'll be explaining 'ChangeNOW' which is more than just a swapping tool as part of 'ChangeNOWExplained' contest.


1) What is ChangeNOW and what it is all about?

2) How to use ChangeNOW?

3) What makes ChangeNOW standout from the rest?

4) Ways to earn with ChangeNOW

5) The miscellaneous numbers

6) Why use ChangeNOW?

7) Various products that ChangeNOW is offering

8) My experience using ChangeNOW

Now that I have listed all the contents (maybe not all but enough) let's get into them.

1) What is ChangeNOW and what is it all about?

ChangeNOW is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service. Where you don't have to risk sharing any of your personal information because you do not need to register in it in the first place also your exchange will have no limits. You'll be able to quickly convert hundreds of assets with ChangeNOW without getting charged any additional or hidden fees (apart from mining fee for the transaction depending on the coins you are swapping), awesome right? Also ChangeNOW is more than just a cryptocurrency swapping tool you'll understand it by the end of this article.

NOTE: Though the ChangeNOW service is completely registration free (will stay that way as far as I'm concerned) and respects user's privacy, it has to adhere to certain KYC/AML guidelines in order for it to be legally sustaining enterprise. Head over to this FAQ section to know about it in detail and learn what kind of information you need to share, how it'll be used and stored. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TO GO THROUGH THIS SO THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO END UP WITH UNSUCCESSFUL SWAP WITH WASTED TRANSACTION FEE AND POSSIBLE BLACKLISTING.

2) How to use ChangeNOW?

Simply jump into this page (consider using this affiliate link: whenever you feel like swapping a coin choose from list of available coin pairs. Then choose either of the following

  • Fixed Rate: "A fixed rate crypto exchange is an exchange performed at the same rate which is displayed to the client at the beginning of an exchange, regardless of subsequent rate fluctuations.

    In some cases, fixed-rate exchanges have lower rate but the opposite is also possible."

  • Classic Rate: "During the сlassic flow, each transaction may have its own unique exchange rate because of rate fluctuations, market conditions, and network fees. The rate might change at any moment; as a result, you might receive more or less than you thought you would.

    Implementing fixed rate exchanges leads us to lay down a small reserve to guarantee your safety from exchange rate fluctuations. It's included into the rate you will see at the beginning of the exchange, no other fees included.

    Because of the rate risks we take, the fixed rate may differ from the сlassic flow's rate. However, it gives our customers confidence in the amount they will receive."

Note that you'll be able to convert as low as 2 dollars probably even less (look for minimum limits while converting) with Classic Rate but under Fixed Rate there are higher minimum limits compared to Classic Rate.

Now that you've selected rate (choose wisely this can't be undone once the transaction is submitted to blockchain) enter the volume of coin(s) you want to swap/convert and enter the receiving address then press exchange and confirm the transaction, boom you'll receive your coins once these three stages completes i. Awaiting deposit, ii.Exchainging and iii.Sending to your wallet. Don't worry it won't take very long, usually takes about couple of minutes.

3) What makes ChangeNOW standout from the rest?

  • Non-custodial: Which sets out not only ChangeNOW but also similar service like 'Changelly' too from centralised exchanges which are in possession of our funds and these are highly susceptible for getting hacked and loss of funds.
  • No registration: Which sets ChangeNOW from many exchanges even the ones that are decentralised (take 'NOTE' under point 1) into consideration)
  • Wide list of coins: Ever growing list of coins and pairs
  • The team: Creative and expert team who are well and good in which industry they are operating. They kinda know what they are doing.

4) Ways to earn with ChangeNOW

Like I said in the beginning ChangeNOW is not just some swapping tool it also a source for generating either passive income via affiliation from refferal/partnership or active/working income by adding value to the community by creating articles or some creative stuff, etc (look here if you are interested).

5) Miscellaneous numbers

  • Quickly convert more than 170 coins for you without charging any additional or hidden fees, don't forget there would be transaction/miner's fee which is already excluded and the final amount is presented to you.
  • Over 10,000 pairs to convert your coins from and this list is ever growing.
  • Start with less than $2 in your favorite coin. You don't have to worry about any upper limits.
  • Exchange your crypto within 2 minutes, this time also depends on other factors such as transaction confirmation in network and possible network delays.

6) Why use ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW is for those who feel to have utmost anonymity in crypto space not just them it can be used by anyone be it a miner who mines random coins (of course your mined coin should be in available in order for you to be able to swap), crypto gig worker/creators who receives coins here and there. All of this with ease and in a convenient manner.

7) Various products that ChangeNOW is offering

Asset Listing

Donate NOW tokens for the assets you'd like to see listed on ChangeNOW! This way you're not only helping your favourite project get it listed but also helping it grow even further.

Token Swap

Fast, easy, and clean migration of your token to your mainnet.


A blockchain payment gateway solution for businesses for accepting cryptocurrencies without hassles.

Lightning NOW 

LightningNOW’s main goal is running a stable, reliable, and well-connected Lightning node to help provide easier channel creation between Lightning Network users.

Premium Lounge

As the name suggests you get all the premium features which includes early access to products, priority support and more exclusive privileges.


Educate yourself about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency with the help of NOWAcademy

NOW Nodes

NOWNodes is a modern user-friendly platform from the creators of ChangeNOW that offers secure access to full nodes of various cryptocurrencies. This can be quite useful for someone who would like to get started with cryptos but has no desire, time, or resources to run their own full node.

Telegram Bot

The usual ChangeNOW but with even more convenience and simplicity in swapping/conversion with ease.

8) My experience using ChangeNOW

How would article be complete without me actually trying the service that I'm explaining about. Well I'll be sharing my experience under.

First of all I've chosen  Classic Rate (which was default and useful for low volume scenarios. Also I was receiving little bit more compared to Fixed Rate and reverse is possible too) then entered the amount of XLM I wanted to convert into XTZ and then gave my recipient address. After I proceeded by clicking on next button.


Then I landed on confirmation page. Here I double checked the recipient address and compared to actual market values, everything felt right so I proceeded with transaction by agreeing with the 'Terms of use' and 'Privacy policy' (I actually read these, well most of it) and clicking confirm.


And finally I landed on this page where I was provided with details to send funds from my personal wallet.


I copied the address and MEMO then pasted it on my Coinbase withdraw screen then gave 2FA to Coinbase and clicked on withdraw.

I got confirmation mail from Coinbase that the funds successfully sent to specified wallet. So I waited and waited but transaction was still stuck at 'Awaiting deposit' stage. It'd has been more than an hour and I lost my patience but instead of blaming the system I reached out to support team and described my issue with proper details like transaction page URL (don't know if necessary) and Transaction Hash (definitely necessary) of funds sent by me. They responded in couple of minutes to my query It was me who took time to check mail from them. They replied that I forgot to mention MEMO while withdrawing the funds, I guess due to first time rush I may have forgotten to enter it but I'd had it copied to my clipboard (checked in recently copied things and it was there). Then they asked me whether to proceed with exchange at rate after the resolution issue (as it's been couple of hours and there me possible fluctuations and I haven't opted for Fixed Rate) or should I need refund of my coins? I was making only making exchange of couple dollars and my main intension to better understand the service I choose to proceed. They responded and said it'll take over 6 hours to process and credit funds. I guess I received funds even earlier.

Don't make the same mistake that I did which was rushing. If I had not rushed I would have checked whether or not the MEMO was properly pasted and the transaction would have been completed lot more quicker. But on the bright I got chance to get help from the ChangeNOW support team and understood how polite, quick and respondent they are.


Also I suggest you to input your email at the end of the transaction page so that you can receive confirmation mail once the exchange is successful if you don't want stay on the transaction page. You may also copy the transaction page and load any time to see the progress and use it even after completion of exchange.

Uff, that was lengthy one. Anyway thank you very much everyone for reading, like and tipping my article also taking time to comment.




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