#ChangeNOWExplained: IoB - "Internet of Blockchains", New Future of Crypto Explained
The flight from Fiat via IoB Internet of Blockchain New World Money Supply Network

#ChangeNOWExplained: IoB - "Internet of Blockchains", New Future of Crypto Explained

Ok the SEO says COSMOS might be the first out the door with labelling IoB.. as far back as November 22 , 2017 


Internet of Blockchains "IOB" implies "inclusiveness",

a notion diametrically opposed to the BTC Maximalist notion , "There can only be one", 

The BTC Community PipeDream: Bitcoinium for All, but only Bitcoinium, all others saying otherwise are miscreants...

which imo is a 'monotheistic' fantasy these days of MAX Keiser and gang. ;)

RELEASE THE IoB ( pronounced 'Eye-AuB"):  The New Crypto Multi-Dimensional  New World Money Supply Network has been born...

Already functional at 1 Year old, taking baby steps, fast...

IoB is a HUGE change we are entering into now, in the crypto world in a big way, with early 'cross chain communications" (Cardanoism) functionality in the form of settlement, exchange and even liquidity pools via PoS (Balancers too),  which does require some explanation beyond just crypto networking.

The current scant IoB 'objective' info which is out there, combined with information mainly  gleaned from early "Inter-chain" crypto projects   #Chainlink & #Cosmos and recently #CARDANO 's Charles Hoskinson's "fire hose' Whiteboard Chat helps a bit.

But what is IoB really about?

Its really imo, a "Flight from Fiat" so, you can regain your personal sovereignty by becoming you own bank, with your own crypto wallet in order to protect your buying power and store of value from the money printing fiends running 'up' the current world money supply. 

2011 End of nn Era , FFWRD 2020 We Now Head out into the New Crypto Space of IOB

Crypto's  Next Big Launch: The Internet of Blockchains 'IoB'

    Oracle, oracle, which gateway or bridge (protocol) am I to use?

UTXO, Double Entry Accounting, which way to go is less important. What is more important is how will all these different Blockchains Inter-connect? Over the Internet yes, securely we hope.

Is this all there is too it? China is betting is on it...

CHAINLINK 'UNCHAINED': Under the TK 'Microscope' Investor Lens

Today we all stand back and "Marvel" at  China's Chainlink rapid climb into the top 10 MarketCap to the #8 slot, (Coingecko)  and one can only ask, what is truly behind that meteoric rise, given #COSMOS, the obvious US rival is not climbing/pumping up  nearly as fast 'mired' now at #23? 

Well let's do a little bit of quality technical "scoping" on Chainlink and see what all the "hype' is about...

(Heck they even have CARDANO ranked #6 and their  Community and three headed driving forces in IOHK, Emurgo and ,name. looking over their shoulders, shaking their collective heads)

OK so what;'s really up at Chainlink driving their Marketcap so sky high?

Watchout, IoB Investors...

Questions for the SANE IoB Investor

A 'sane' investor asks questions like this to find reasonable answers before investing: ( I put a score 10 out of 10 being highest)

The Score Chainlink vs Cosmos for IoB Value


TK's  Investment Experience & Verdict, so far... Chainlink vs Cosomos


Only in Canada, where the market knows best and voted for it...

TK Comparative Assessment: Market Knows Best? For Now, but watch out...

More like Whales know best, CHAINLINK is by design an "old school" transaction settlement network oracle gateway tech,  driven by  SWIFT et al to help these legacy colossus settlement networks of FIAT bridge into BTC and even ETH ERC20 blockchain networks via Smart Contract logic running on an oracle gateway. All good. But in my opinion it's an evolutionary hack which wont scale without  expensive massive parallelism (replication of oracles and Smart Contracts sitting behind a bunch of load balancers. For Inter FIAT to BTC traffic where its largely an exchange function being carried out not worried too much about time stamps and sequencing, it will work. 

That said,  the CH CARDANO IoB 'Hopeium' for "cross chain communications" is truly an innovative idea,  ie Wrap LTC in Cardano and give legacy stores of value new life and ability to make use of CARDANO's emerging sustainable differences in the PoS space which go beyond just delegated proof of stake. OK it's in the idea mode write now, but I sense CARDANO has a huge amount of accumulated bench strength to direct the resources just finishing major milestone deliveries into exactly this type of innovative idea and get it realized. So that is the Watch out part.

CARDANO has shifted gears and their community is battle hardened more than both Chainlink and Cosmos combined AND they are delivering driven by the Scientific Method and not periodic developer "brain farts".

Bill Hoskinson floats the C3 idea and possible collaboration with LTC

The BH Cardano effect on IoB: Emergent, likely Performant, but in reality today, still  a lot of "chin music..." posturing.

CH cross chain communications Insights: A Firehose Drink and Decipher...

      TK's take in the BH Blah Blah Blah  ( I took notes, watched the whole video here) 

Am I hanging on every  BH word? Nope?

Is BH Smart? Yup? Are these BH Musings really FUD Missiles to "Buy time" Yup.

Is that a clever Strategy? Yup.

Is the  BH Vision to CCC and IoB Tech approach reasonable? Definitely.

So get going, enough with the musings and chin music. ;)

R2D2 an inspiration keeps on going when the going gets tough and, everyone else ducks for cover

the TK Factor: My R2 Altered Experience: The Inter-networking Dinosaur checks in with IoB Views and Muse..

        What Happened then (1988) : Cisco, 3Com, Bridge, Proteon: the Birth of the Internet and Routers

         Is Happening Now: Will Chainlink and Cosmos really make it or become a feature of other Cryptos and Exchanges

         The Fork(Giant Pothole) in the Road of IoB: UXTO vs. Double Entry  Blockchain Accounting

         Right side of the Road or Left Side of the Road

          ie- Now Which Electrical Socket Adapter Do use? - Europe's Electrical Dilema- What we Learned

IoB Standards: Network: Routing: Inter-Blockchain: It's a layer cake, which needs a big Makeover 

             ISO Model Implications

" Layer 0 1 2 3- All the way up to IP

 Layer 4 5 6 - Is where IoB & it's Value Add Must Live- As a Standard set of protocols connecting to IP

Layer 7 - Is the IoB Icing on the Inter-Blockchain Cake- Dashboards to Control and Monitor

Fixing Layer 0 1 2 3 Plumbing so IoB will actually work on both Geo and Virtual Planes

Sovereignty of the Individual vs Sovereignty of the State: IoB in the Multi-Verse

When the State no longer serves the people and only itself and masters, Houston we have a problem

How the Multi-verse of IoB can be realized: SCION Protocol (To keep the state honest)

You can take away our guns, but not our money

and, one will virtually walk with their feet and store of value when the state don't play nice. 

They are out there and will pick their spots to enter the IoB market

IoB Others? Oh Yeah, there are lots, lurking in the weeds, picking the timing of their IoB launch.

Is IOB a feature that bolts on to existing Blockchains or a key inter-connect component?

Likely both notions will emerge and compete with one another for the next few years.

Cardano, the exchanges central and distributed, I believe are not asleep which means other crypto plays like Cardano are  churning their C3 testnet offer over in their minds with  "Make" or "Buy" likely outcomes compared.

Its only a matter of time others join in, before the end of this year with their own IoB offer.


Blockchain Accounting for BTC proponents and ETH types- Fresh off the press:



Fiat or Crypto: The former is a slow death the latter is the hard road ahead with light at the end of the tunnel

Change Now or Die?

Well there is time, when it comes to the IoB where crypto developers will need to make a choice (How about before the end of 2020?).

It's very early Days with an 18-24 month New Entrant opportunity to deliver functional production value so, get going developers, NOW!

Watch out Investors in IoB... the first two are well up and close to the top of the hype curve first wave of IoB offers. 

Chainlink may appear to be way out and front  in this IoB crypto market segment and, could raise even more money to really scale up the team, as could COSMOS by association to Chainlink. However in tech, the wisest of us know, more money does not necessarily mean the current dev team will execute or scale up to handle a larger volume of new challenges using the existing architecture.  R&D and experimentation , testing and validation is an iterative process to new innovation which can scale, it's hard, even harder when there are more concurrent fingers in the pie. 

Cardano on the other hand is a different well honed Blockchain Beast of a Development Team and Community,  just starting to flex its technical know how muscles with the delivery of really ground breaking PoS which scales and investors want. If they pull off the ITN test network Idea with LTC, it will be a game changer in the nascent IoB space, which goes way beyond Oracles and Smart Contracts Chainlink and Cosmos style for IoB.

Other blockchains considering the Cardano approach either as a competitor or as partner (ie the LTC LIP wrapped cLTC example discussed earlier) are bound to add IoB into their tech repertoire beyond just writing oracle hosted connectors to connect to Chainlink and Cosmos and their BTC and ETH implementations as well as their fiat gateway implementations (a la SWIFT with Chainlink) 

Exciting IoB times ahead and, definitely an emerging crypto investor market  segment for the well researched crypto investor to watch.

TK Over and Out..



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