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Exchanges made in the cryptocurrency space are usually quite bureaucratic and tedious. It is necessary to register in exchanges, where, depending on the need to make KYC, in addition to the withdrawal and trading limits, fees, and the like … Many people do not like to give a lot of information like that. Fortunately, we can work around this problem using insta swaps.

💱About InstaSwap

It is a shortcut for those who do not want to go through the bureaucracy of exchanges. These services seek the best deal for your trading, exchanging one cryptocurrency for another in a few steps and in a short time. In this article, we will know a little more about one of these services and a little more: Meet ChangeNow.

📗About ChangeNOW

It is a “registration-free” insta swaps service, which seeks to simplify exchanges between cryptos, through light and intuitive interface, always thinking about the user’s comfort and security. About the company, it is registered in Seychelles as “CHN Group Limited” at the address: Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence, Mahé.

Its team has many members, each occupying a specific position that contributes to the healthy development of the company and its products. One of ChangeNOW’s most prominent and striking people is Pauline Shangett, CMO.


 Cartoon representation of Pauline, it’s a lot of style for one person.

🎨Interface design


The ChangeNOW interface is simple and beautiful. Its accent color is green, more precisely the hex code: #3bee81 which is in contrast to a blue zodiac: #3e3e59 together with a darker shade of it: #2b2b37. Green is one of my favorite colors, so I liked it, the first time I saw the site.

The site is available in 28 languages, at the time of writing this article, facilitating the understanding of how the platform works, which is very intuitive, seeking the user’s convenience. Also, more than 200 currencies are available to trade in more than 10,000 different trading pairs.

⚙️How does it work?


ChangeNOW is connected to many exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Huobi… The system checks the best trading agreement at the moment when you are going to make the exchange, offering it to you.

It’s very simple. Choose a cryptocurrency you want to send, then choose the cryptocurrency you want to receive. Put the amount you want to exchange. Click exchange. Enter the wallet address you wish to receive. Send the cryptocurrency and get the one you chose. While waiting for the process, you can enter your email address to receive a notification when your trade is ready.


🌊Classic and Fixed Rate

At Classic Rate, you are exposed to market volatility and may experience price fluctuations during the exchange, in addition to network fees. As a result, you may receive more or less than you expect.

At Fixed Rate, you will receive exactly what is proposed at the stipulated rate. Consequently, the trade lows here are slightly higher than the classic.

ChangeNOW minimums for making the switch range from $1.7 to $20 depending on the pair traded. If you accidentally sent an amount below the minimum for the trade made, there will be a refund to be provided. If you send a currency that is not available in the platform’s catalog, then you will not receive a refund, so be careful when trading your cryptocurrencies.

💳Buy Crypto with Credit Card


The platform, through a partnership with Simplex, allows you to make cryptocurrency purchases with fiat, by credit card. It can even be a prepaid card, but it needs to fit Simplex requirements.

Simplex is a fintech from Europe that processes payments internationally free of fraud. If you choose this card purchase procedure, please be aware that it will be necessary to send some information as a security measure.


Hey, but it wasn’t free of records and bureaucracy, what do you mean KYC? Yes, there is an exception in this matter. In the crypto world, certain regulations are in place that needs to be fitted to some crypto services such as AML. 

Anti Money Laundering or AML is a set of rules as a way to prevent money laundering or financing of terrorist acts. ChangeNOW uses a risk prevention system. If a transaction is marked as suspicious, the user needs to send documents and go through that bureaucratic KYC process. If you do not pass the process, a refund is made to the address that can be marked on a blacklist of addresses, where it cannot be used in the service again.



The ChangeNOW insta swap service is available on several platforms, in addition to the web, such as Telegram bot and mobile devices (Android and iOS). Also, it is integrated into portfolios such as Guard Wallet, Atomic Wallet, Jaxx Wallet, Flare Wallet, and many others. This ensures greater convenience for the user who can exchange cryptocurrencies from any device they are on..

🤑Affiliate/Partner Program

You can earn commissions with ChangeNOW through the affiliate/partner program. To access the partnership panel, click on the “For Partners” option on the top menu of the website.


The options offered to partners are diverse. Add an exchange service to your website, using widgets or buttons, advertise your affiliate link to your audiences or even create an exchange platform with a WordPress plugin provided by the ChangeNOW team.


Depending on the value of the total exchanges carried out through your link, you have been guaranteed some privileges in the use of the products and services offered by ChangeNOW. Check this link for more details.



FixedFloat — Since 2018 on the market, it is an insta swap service from the United Kingdom, according to the TrustPilot website. Registration is not mandatory and KYC / AML procedures are not mentioned, but transactions that violate the laws are not tolerated on the platform. Their trading pairs are limited, offering less than 100 supported cryptocurrencies.

Changelly — Since 2015 on the market, it is a very popular insta swap service, supporting over 100 cryptocurrencies, but requires registration to use the platform. Allows credit card purchases through partners such as MoonPay, Simplex, and Indacoin. Regarding its affiliate/partner program, it supports widgets but has no option to create a white label exchange. It has a KYC / AML procedure system.

SimpleSwap — Since 2018 on the market, it is a service with more than 300 cryptocurrencies available. Registration is optional. By registering you have access to your exchange history, in addition to the loyalty system, and you can earn cash back as a reward when making future exchanges. Does not allow credit card purchases. KYC / AML procedures are not mentioned, however, SimpleSwap can share data with authorities if necessary.

StealthEx — Since 2018/2019 on the market, it consists of an unlimited insta swap service, focused on anonymous exchanges. If you want to send low amounts, just be aware of paying the network fees. It does not allow credit card purchases either. KYC / AML procedures are not mentioned, however, it is possible to collect personal information as a form of anti-fraud or loss prevention.

Tip: One way to organize and search for the best rates on different insta swap services is through an aggregator of these services. You can use SwapSpace or SwapZone.

🚀Beyond of insta swap


NOW Payments — Cryptocurrency payment gateway service, free of custody, easy to implement in your project. For more information click here.

NOW Nodes — Connect easily and quickly to the most popular cryptocurrency nodes like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Verge, Dash, and even Lightning Network. Use it in your projects, whether you are a Developer, Entrepreneur, or Enthusiast. For more information click here.

NOW Token — One of the first tokens, according to ChangeNOW, to be created by an inst swap service. It is present on both the Binance network and the Ethereum network and available for trades on decentralized exchanges. Holding the token will ensure that you can get special rates when making exchanges, fast support, better affiliate conditions, and many more use cases to come. For more information click here.

Many interesting things are in beta testing and development as NowAcademy, ensuring knowledge through the crypto education or Premium Lounge that guarantees you VIP benefits at ChangeNOW. Ah, don’t forget to stay connected on social networks, suddenly there may be some promotion or event like AMA in the ChangeNOW community.

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading this far. See you next time.

Did you like my thumbnail? I learned and modified some things using this tutorial. Super recommend!

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#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892

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