#ChangeNOWExplained How to swap cryptocurrencies on ChangeNow

#ChangeNOWExplained How to swap cryptocurrencies on ChangeNow

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 14 Jul 2020

I finally completed my participation for the

#ChangeNOWExplained Writing Contest 

Instead of publishing a typical blog post I decided to explore a new way of content creation...so I recorded a video. So much useful information...that it makes sense to create a video. I am really proud about the outcome as it was time-consuming to get across all topics creating videos, cutting scenes, writing scripts...however, here it is:

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I started mining and trading in 2017, participated in airdrops, hardforks, and ICOs. I spent much time making myself familiar with technical analysis. I like to make people aware of things I am currently doing in the crypto space, projects I am currently spending time on.

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