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Pascal V5 protocol opportunities: Improved mining facility.

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Get those miners to work! Join the pool, hit the pedal… whichever way you choose to do it, Proof of Work (POW) cryptocurrencies unarguably brings the most fun and excitement in the blockchain technology. Mining those blocks and getting rewarded for...

State of the project: Bi-weekly report for Pascal blockchain.

6 days ago 2 minute read Dzoelx $0.78 tipped

  BUILDing is a process, time tasking, yet adventurous. We continue to build on the pascal network, making it better with each day that comes by. Exciting times! The past couple of days have been another one to talk about with all the happenings and...

Pascal V5 protocol opportunities: The PASCALDEX

1 week ago 8 minute read Dzoelx $0.41 tipped

With the official release of the last Testnet version of the Pascal blockchain V5 protocol implementation, preparations for the launch of the v5 protocol and its exciting features have resumed. Long awaited, the V5 protocol brings in many amazing...

State of the project: Monthly newsletter for Pascal blockchain.

2 weeks ago 2 minute read Dzoelx $0.87 tipped

Busy busy month and a couple of adventurous weeks for Pascal ecosystem and blockchain technology as well, massive breakthroughs for the Pascal project as well as many other blockchain start-ups as everyone in the ecosystem continues on their strive...

The NIX ghost vault staking and why you should be concerned.

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Present day banking institutions practice annualized percentage gain on savings, just like the saying goes ‘let your money do the work for you’. Keeping so much liquid money in a bank earns you a dividend after a specified period of time–usually a y...

Zerocoin Private Instant Verified Transaction(zPIV): Keep it private, Stay safe

4 weeks ago 3 minute read Dzoelx $1.27 tipped

Sometimes you would love to stay alone in an enclosure, or probably with someone else without the need for a third party and completely away from possible eavesdropping as your conversations and activities needs to be kept on a personal note or in e...

NIX Ghost protocol: Stay Ghost, stay secure.

20 Oct 2019 3 minute read Dzoelx $1.58 tipped

  Send it in a wrapped parcel, or even better, put a seal on the parcel, probably sending the information in cryptic letters will be the best… humans continue their struggle to achieve absolute privacy amidst high frequency of human contacts and the...

State of the project: Bi-weekly update for Pascal blockchain.

14 Oct 2019 2 minute read Dzoelx $0.49 tipped

The past couple of weeks have been a very turbulent one for the Pascal project and holders of the Pascal coin, amidst the wave of pessimism, the Pascal project is as alive as ever and all development processes are still quite ongoing as we strive to...

Pascal's ‘infinite scalability Trinity' and why you should be concerned.

7 Oct 2019 4 minute read Dzoelx $0.61 tipped

  Scalability and flexibility could be used synonymously, even though scalability appears to be a more technical term, both indicates an absence of rigidity. In blockchain technology, scalability and privacy appears to be the most used terms, while m...

State of the project: Pascal monthly newsletter.

2 Oct 2019 3 minute read Dzoelx $0.49 tipped

  Seems the month of September lasted for only two hours–lol, someone whispered that. Busy busy month however, with many things going on over the past couple of weeks for Pascal and every other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Once again the...