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Crypto Tech, New Economy & Clean Power Analyst. I analyse market & tech trends behind each, providing reasonable solution insights in my posts based on key market, tech & people drivers often operating "under the hood".

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Crypto Market Surge or Orange Man Purge? Likely, Post Fall US 2020 election outcomes..,

2 days ago 19 minute read thunderboltkid

First Danger, this is my biggest post (largely for my own reference throughout the year), however it might even be arguably the best tip for 2020 I share. if you have little patience for big posts, please move on.. ;) Provided the "stars align" (appa...

Crypto-Proofed Sovereignty: 'Pipe Dream' or Reality?

1 week ago 10 minute read thunderboltkid

We have all been duped (at least those of us outside the USA), for a very, very, very long time regarding our own sovereignty. Just when you thought you had great security in place by using Crypto AG hardware (Switzerland) and, maybe, you or your com...

2020 BTC 2X Ramp Repeat from 2019 Jan to June all but assured?

2 weeks ago 3 minute read thunderboltkid

Except we are starting in January about 2X higher in price than January at the same time in 2019.  I believe that human nature/logic/irrationality has found it's collectively crazy way into trading bot logic and, that the crypto market changes from...

Publish0xTutorials : Writing "TRIX" for Tips - by Thunderboltkid

2 weeks ago 4 minute read thunderboltkid

Ok, I started in May of 2019 on Publish0x not knowing what to expect.   What got me right away is I liked the Publish0x concept of the slide bar, where the reader decides Tip proportions. Then BAT showed up from Brave as a tip drop and I got really...

"Crypto-fit" your IoT Project: Embedded Linux HoneyCombyOS + IOTA HORNET + RaspberryPi Hardware

3 weeks ago 6 minute read thunderboltkid

How do you like your IoT these days?  How about "crypto-fitted" with some #RaspberryPI,  #honeycombOS and #IOTA 's #Hornet node anyone? For those with an IoT "uber geek" appetite, there is now a really fast, low cost way to add crypto into your IoT p...

Rate Payer Bonanza from Wind Power Profits?: A Crypto Managed 'New Green Deal' Says "YES"

4 weeks ago 14 minute read thunderboltkid

First this is NOT the Green New Deal "GND" a la US Dems, It's the Crypto Managed NEW GREEN DEAL "NGD" Meaning: OUT with the old green deal business frameworks favouring a few people, including the vendors and wind farm owners, people renting their pr...

Build your Own Crypto Mining Colo, OFF-GRID - Crypto Power Tower

18 Jan 2020 13 minute read thunderboltkid

The" Dream Mining Power Infrastructure" for Crypto Miners?  Reliable Super Cheap Power, Security and always connected, located where you want it to be. I have been working on this Crypto Mining Power challenge for the last few years as my main focus...

Only those Ads on Brave will Thrive: As the Chrome Cookies Crumble in 2022

15 Jan 2020 3 minute read thunderboltkid

Goods news for BAT. (which received a spike in buy volume and price today, if you didn't notice ;) ) Chrome Cookie tracking of the user is now officially dead by 2022, per Google's announcement. That includes all those Chromium Browser variants too....

With Turkey, Goose and New Year Ham Dips Behind us BTC Repeat Jan-June 2X Ramp Well Underway?

10 Jan 2020 2 minute read thunderboltkid

It's in the "Charts". Those past holiday 'cash outs' to fiat  in the 'Ramp' "Dips" are clear to see, as the WHALES cash out to buy big toys, place new Fiat bets, pay for next semester "kiddie" fun at school, etc. Per my previous post prediction  #BTC...

The Great Shitcoin Purge: Coming your way in 2020? Be Prepared!

6 Jan 2020 19 minute read thunderboltkid

Do your Homework, Hodlers! ;) The purge in my opinion, has already started over these past holidays.  Value has been repatriated away from some obvious 'flat-lining' Shitcoins, and placed elsewhere as smart investors get ready for a 2020 repeat of th...