ChangeNow - Quick, Easy & Safe

ChangeNow - Quick, Easy & Safe

By Zenthereum | Zenthereum | 11 Jul 2020

One of the main problems beginners encounter in crypto is how to buy cryptocurrencies. While this should be the easiest part as everyone in the cryptocurrency space is striving for wider adoption, it is still a big problem that discourages new people from investing and exploring cryptocurrencies.

During the last bull run, which ended in January 2018, most of the world found out Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Almost everyone understood more or less what Bitcoin is, especially since the long-awaited mainstream adoption was finally happening.

Anyone that reads an interesting article about Bitcoin or an altcoin needs to have direct access to buy it, without having to learn about trading pairs and exchanges it is listed. Having this direct option is not easy to be found. An inexperient individual will probably have to spend days to figure out how the system is working and how to buy, while this procedure shouldn't be taking more than just a few minutes.

On another point, everyone involved already understand that we store crypto in wallets. Still exchanging coins usually demands effort, high fees, and too much time. It is not an easy procedure while this should just be a case of a few minutes as well.

These are the main problems ChangeNow is fixing.


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ChangeNow as the name suggests is not a simple exchange. It is a disruptive one through simplifying procedures and making the whole process user-friendly. It offers purchase of cryptocurrencies with debit cards and swaps between different coins while providing the user with the best exchange rate between various exchanges. It performs this function in a fast and secure way, that would benefit even the most experienced user of the established cryptocurrency exchanges.

ChangeNow is a non-custodial instant exchange that does not require registration. It is characterized by simplicity and speed allowing fast-paced exchange between more than 150 cryptocurrencies. It offers a user-friendly environment where users adapt easily and do not require too much time to understand how to use its available options. The interface of the webpage is user-oriented and support is available 24/7 to respond to any problems a customer might face. ChangeNow does not impose any limits to the maximum amount of our order, but it does have a limit of a low amount which is on average $2 in USD terms for most trades.

Both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts will find it useful and effective as it automates the processes and makes the exchange from one crypto (or fiat) to another easy and less expensive.

It is a secure environment as there is no registration and no account required. It offers a non-custodial service where we can buy and exchange cryptocurrencies and switch wallets without the need of creating an account and logging in each time and since there is no account involved there is no danger of the account getting compromised.

ChangeNOW is partnered with multi-platform wallets as Exodus, Ledger, Trezor, Edge, Atomic Wallet, Guarda and more.

Using ChangeNow without registration

The first disruptive feature of ChangeNow is that it doesn't demand registration. This alone saves the user time and allows anyone to use their services. Registrations are a hassle anyway. Since ChangeNow is a service aiming for speed it would be counterproductive to ask for emails, usernames, passwords, email verification that might never arrive, etc. I've always disliked this system and hoping that with ChangeNow it will ChangeSoon.

Swap Crypto

To begin with the review I had to test ChangeNow services myself by making a small transaction. I used TRX from a personal TRX wallet and exchanged to BNB, sending the funds directly to my Binance wallet account.

The procedure was easy and quick and I think it is better to explain it in a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Entering the details of the swap.

In this example, I used 135 TRX and decided to swap them to BNB and deposit them directly to the Binance exchange.


Fees for this transaction are just 1 TRX for this kind of swap. I proceeded with typing the BNB address and the memo required for the deposit on Binance exchange.

With this transaction, I am exchanging 135 TRX for a little more than 0,14 BNB (with 1 TRX fee). Just to make sure numbers were adding up, I opened the TRX/BNB pair on Binance and found the latest rate of the pair which was: 0,001064. So 135(TRX) x 0,001064 = 0,143775 BNB. The numbers were correct and very close to what ChangeNow was providing. The only fee I paid for this transaction was 1 TRX ($0,018) which was the difference.

Step 2: Sending funds to the ChangeNow allocated address.

I clicked next after giving my BNB address and memo and the next page appeared on my screen informing me of a TRX address where I should send the funds. Bellow the address, a message saying "Awaiting deposit" was flashing. There is no expiration time so there is no need to hurry. I had to take a break at this point and resumed by sending the funds after half an hour.


After sending the funds, I had to wait a couple of minutes. This part took around 4-5 minutes to proceed. Obviously, this has to do with the time needed to perform the function of transmitting the funds to the designated ChangeNow wallet, allocate the best trading rate for the selected pair and execute the trade, along with verifying the result.

ChangeNow is integrated into most of the major exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, and OKEx and instantly looks for the best rate to swap the coins out of all the exchanges it uses. In any case, the software will select the best rate for the user at the given time.


Step 3: There is no step 3. It was this simple.

Funds entered my Binance-BNB wallet after a few seconds. The feature "Sending to wallet", of course, depends on the selected blockchain and verification rules of the wallet we select. For example, in case we are using a Bitcoin wallet that demands six confirmations the time for the execution of the deposit will be higher, perhaps up to an hour. This depends on factors as blockchain congestion, the number of confirmations, and other factors. The whole procedure is extremely simplified, fast-paced, and easy to execute. The trades always display the fee to complete the exchange and there is no other fee involved. When we send the coins to the designated ChangeNow address of course we have to pay the network fees involved.


It is important to mention that ChangeNow is an exchange that performs various AML checks. It does not condone or allow laundering of funds obtained by illegal activities. It has an automated system that instantly blacklists and blocks transactions of funds coming from addresses flagged as suspicious. They enforce KYC/AML procedures in certain cases, as per request of the EU, the US, and other countries' regulations and this goes along with the regulated practices of all top exchanges in the cryptocurrency space. There is no regulated exchange that can avoid this and personally I'm glad they block accounts and funds coming from illegal activities, hacks, stolen funds, and certain dark web markets. I'm not in favor of a completely unregulated crypto market. This creates problems for all and the Wild West conditions need to eclipse in the crypto world to move forward and achieve wide adoption. Performing KYC/AML for limited suspicious activities is probably the right thing to do, but should not become the standard as it would hinder further growth and usability.

Buy Crypto

It is a fact that we need as many fiat gateways as possible. The masses need to be able to buy crypto fast and securely when using debit/credit cards or wire transfers. During the last bull run people were flocking to just a few exchanges and waiting for days for their KYC to be processed and another two or three days for their wire transfer to go through.


I would also love it if they added an option to buy with PayPal but banking e-commerce with Visa and Mastercard is just fine. The best part of this feature is that ChangeNow allows users to select the cryptocurrency they want to buy from a drop-down list. The procedure is as easy as the exchange one and demands just a few minutes to complete.


First, we need to write the amount of fiat we are going to send. The fiat options contain 18 national fiat currencies with USD, EUR, and GBP being the most popular. After selecting our national fiat currency we add the cryptocurrency we want to buy. There are options for over 150 cryptocurrencies and new ones are being added all the time. In this screen users also have to fill the recipient wallet where the cryptocurrencies will be distributed and an email. Fees are clearly displayed and usually for buying with USD they are just $1 without any other fee involved. Miners and exchange fees are included in the rate provided by ChangeNow.

After filling in the blanks and clicking next, a confirmation page appears containing the details we selected. After clicking confirm the message bellow appears, explaining that the page is redirecting to a third party that handles payments in fiat and exchanges to BTC.


The third-party provider is a company called Simplex and the page we redirect to is a typical payment processing page where users type their card details like name, expiration date, and CVV, along with contact details. Perhaps one of the best ways to buy cryptocurrencies and have them directly deposited in our personal wallet instead of spending at least double the time to do the same with exchanges that accept debit/credit cards.

ChangeNow will have to forgive me that I didn't proceed with buying crypto using their service (I know that in the e-commerce service my transaction is recorded as unfinished), but I will certainly use it the next time I am going to buy crypto with fiat. It certainly seems to be the fastest way to buy my favorite cryptocurrencies and have them deposited directly in my wallet.

Buying Crypto with debit/credit/pre-paid cards has a daily upper limit of $20,000 and a monthly $50,000 per person. Also, the ChangeNow service does not accept wire-transfers, American Express or Discover Cards.

Migration Service - Swap to Mainnet

ChangeNow also offers the service to help projects swap their ERC20, TRC20, or other blockchain tokens to their new mainnet. The ChangeNow team of devs will handle the process and create a swap widget holders of the token can use to exchange their token to the mainnet native coin.


Lightning Node

ChangeNow offers a zero-fee Lightning Network Node with users being able to request Inbound and Outbound channels under the ChangeNow service called LightningNow (service link). The Lightning Network allows instant off-chain transactions with low fees and ChangeNow plans on running a lightning node to provide easier channel creation to LN users. 

Changenow Api - NOWPayments Api

Websites and crypto businesses can integrate a crypto exchange in an application or website (links: ChangenowNOWpayments). I'm not sure what differences these two API systems have, and I'm not a developer, so I can't read the code. I am sure that some crypto businesses have already integrated these services in their websites and many more would love to read about them.

Now Token

Now Token is the native token of the ChangeNow platform. It is both an ERC20 token and a BEP2 and traded on BinanceDEX (BEP2 - token name NOW-E6 ) and IDEX (ERC20). Its main use-case is on the ChangeNow platform where it can be utilized to vote for asset-listing of a new coin on the exchange.


Tokens listed on ChangeNow using the NOW token donation procedure

The total supply of ChangeNow is 199,778,509 tokens and 60 million were distributed through an airdrop in 2018-2019. ChangeNow is planning to burn the NOW tokens received for services on the exchange every quarter until the total supply reaches 100 million. The whitepaper of the NOW token can be found on this link.


Anyone can join the ChangeNow affiliate program and benefit with a 0,4% of the funds attracted from each trade made by the referrenced customer. Detailed directions on the affiliate program can be found on this link. Profits from referrals can be withdrawn after reaching 0,1BTC (but will be changed to $50 minimal withdrawal soon according to this post). My affiliate link is this one just in case anyone wants to use it.


To conclude with the review I will just add that projects as ChangeNow should be embraced by the crypto community and not be treated unfairly. I find the services offered by ChangeNow unique and the instant exchange features are of great help to wider crypto adoption.

I haven't noticed any major disadvantage. The services ChangeNow offers are still not very popular with the wider crypto community although the project is growning day by day. I was certainly glad to find a hidden gem that has so much potential and can be of vital help covering the needs of beginners in crypto, experienced people and the business sector as well.

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