ChangeNow : magical exchange without making an account!

ChangeNow : magical exchange without making an account!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 9 Jul 2020

Writing competition time, one of the small joys of life! 

This time a bit different, with a twist, because the topic is not a block-chain project, or a token. This time I have to put my skills to work and explain how ChangeNow works, and I know from the beginning that will be hard to explain magic but here it is... 8 seconds and about 15 words about the essence of ChangeNow ! (LBRY.TV video link)

Basically if Bitcoin and the crypto-gang are internet magical money, ChangeNow is an internet magical bank, something like the Gringotts Wizarding Bank, but even more magical, as you don't need to be member of any secret society, you don't have to be a Hogwarts pupil... in fact ... you don't need an account! Pure magic!


You can say the name!

ChangeNow is not Lord Voldemort, so you can say the name as much as you like, without worrying! ChangeNow is a non-custodial service, a platform created to simplify cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange is easy to use, with maximum security and fast exchange transactions between 170 available coins. Fiat option is also available, so the magic goes one and anyone can use Visa or MasterCard to buy cryptocurrencies, all the above services without any limits. To conclude the presentation, ChangeNow  is not a spell, is a whole Grimoire! 


How ChangeNOW magic work?

ChangeNow is different than all other exchange platforms because you don't need to register, you don't need an account or an email. ChangeNow is so friendly and easy-to-use, with 5 stars on TrustPilot and even Dobby use it to change his Bitcoin!

In the below scenario, Dobby was recommended to change some BTC and get 40 ETH, needed for mana, lesser spells and wards. He went to ChangeNow, and selected Bitcoin in the "You send” section and  “ETH” from the drop-down menu in the “You Get” section, and when the amount was 40 ETH, he clicked on the “Exchange” button. 

Because Dobby didn't had a wallet to add in the "Your ETH Address" box he clicked the "Don’t have a wallet yet?" button and created one with secure and verified partners. He confirmed the information and sent the Bitcoin to the deposit address generated by ChangeNow. In few minutes, Dobby got his coins, at the best rates possible, without lengthy sign-up process, account, emails or passwords.6e83d99ad10ec4c84b3c31b1c1235965a03984765f3b78f2761fbac2e488a44c.jpeg

How to become a ChangeNow wizzard?

ChangeNow is looking for partners and folks to join the referral scheme so everyone has a chance to become a ChangeNow wizzard by registering on the referral page. The referral link can be added to your posts and whenever someone will make exchanges from your link, you will get closer to receiving cash back and rewards.

This partnership offers a unique opportunity to get paid for every exchange made through your links, after you share the unique affiliate links generated just for you on your blog, web page, or social media account, You will receive your own set of affiliate links after a short registration process, however please make sure you save the unique code and password on a notebook, because paper rules and you will have no regrets when your computer will crash without any chance of recovery or repair.

On the Widgets and Buttons page are located the ... widgets and buttons! In here are tools created for websites built on WordPress and for custom websites.

For WordPress blogs, ChangeNOW created a customizable plugin which was to be downloaded and added to the website. This plugin will add your unique exchange widget with a wide range of settings and color palettes, making writing and blogging a way to make profit.

For custom websites, ChangeNOW  created two options, the easy-to-install widget and a neat button. Use the configurator to get the code necessary for deploying the selected tool to your platform. The widget is resized to 240px, with support for classic and fixed rate and the ability to adjust default values.


The Affiliate Profile

The Affiliate Profile page contains all the important information regarding transactions and exchanges done from your link. In here you can see the estimated reward, how much is ready for the payout and request a payout. Add your Bitcoin wallet and request a payout when you generated enough BTC. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC, but will be changed to $50 minimal withdrawal soon. ChangeNOW offers 24/7 support so they can be contacted any time for any issues.4abf6ebe2f62877dd4535397c43dfe1b2eaf29eac52e6b46351cb55d0ff2a5e9.jpegThe Exchanges page will show all exchanges that happened throughout your link. As you see below, Dobby also swapped 100 ATOM to 110964 DOGE, probably after all that hype on TikTok.12bd8a90a4388fab93c8f61d69dd32b60ed2161db3f1c43ea1952e9e8f18cd94.pngThe Daily Stats page will show a detailed overview of each day of membership, including failed transactions and the Bitcoin turnover, while the Profit page will show an estimated reward and the amount of Bitcoin available for payout.b0ae43a1b81f71fda3ffeaa1a703aa30e8cfaa5f643985d5d2d10e356931f709.png

Affiliate Privileges 

The partner’s level depends on the total exchange turnover in each month. All exchange profits made during this period, in any type of coin or token, are converted into BTC at the exchange rate on the last day of the calendar month. The Partner Privileges are valid for the next 2 months and the maximum level for the previous 2 months is selected for the next period. There are four tiers of privileges: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Infinite, with more and more benefits as the turnover gets higher.


Enjoy the ChangeNow magic! 


Links and referrals:


ChangeNOW referral page




Atomic Wallet

Celsius Network

Quality Faucets:

Horizen (ZEN)


Stakecube (claim over 20 coins daily)

The Crypto Faucet (SioCoin, Verge, Doge) (DASH)

MoonBitcoin.Cash (Bitcoin Cash) (Doge) (Litecoin) (BTC) (BTC)

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