ChangeNow - Instant Crypto Exchange | Non-custodial exchange platform | Complete Overview

ChangeNow - Instant Crypto Exchange | Non-custodial exchange platform | Complete Overview

By ultron91x | Crypto Dossier | 15 Jul 2020


Hello Friends, ChangNOW is a non-custodial exchange which provides instant crypto exchange. I created a detailed video on this platform and covered all important information about this platform. Following:

  • CryptoNow Overview
  • Different Exchange Types
  • NOW Token
  • Swap Demo (In which i am swapping TRX for Matic ERC20 tokens)

If i talk about my ChangNOW crypto swap experience, it was seamless and hassle free. It took around 7 & half minute to complete transaction after confirming the details. But it was all good, you should also try it. I have covered each and everything in the demo, which may help you.

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Crypto Dossier

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