Is ChangeNOW the best crypto exchange? #ChangeNOWExplained

Is ChangeNOW the best crypto exchange? #ChangeNOWExplained

By DragoNate | Crypto Related Stuffs | 16 Jul 2020

I've known about ChangeNOW for a few months now but last month, I read a post from them here on Publish0x about their referral program. That got me interested, especially when they mentioned that you can use your OWN referral link for exchanges as well! In fact, you are encouraged to do so to get the most out of it! And why not? Obviously, if you know someone else's referral for the service, you can use theirs to support them & you definitely should. Most referral programs forbid you from using your own links because it just takes advantage of it, but not ChangeNOW! So you can bet I've used my own referral link for my few recent exchanges!

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How ̶g̶o̶o̶d̶, no, valuable is ChangeNOW's exchange service?
Well, I've used it a few times now to change some of my ZEC for other coins. ZEC is a good option because the minimum amount to exchange is less than 0.05 (last checked yesterday) thus making small exchanges more worthwhile without having to sacrifice a large amount of one coin. This is especially great if you only need a small value exchanged.

Another plus for ChangeNOW's value is that you can exchange many different coins & tokens, across chains. Uniswap & KyberSwap, 2 of my favorites for ERC tokens, are just that: only for ERC tokens. Sure, you can get wrapped tokens, but wrapped BTC isn't quite the same as BTC, it's just an ERC token that represents BTC & its price. Wanna change some BAT earnings for TRX? Easy! Got a small bit of BCH from a faucet lying around? Swap it for ATOM! ChangeNOW makes swaps super easy & you can even give your email to be notified when the exchange completes.

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Is ChangeNOW user-friendly?
It's about as user-friendly as sending your crypto to literally any wallet! When you start an exchange with ChangeNOW, they give you an address for the coin you're exchanging. You send it there. Once it's received, the exchange will start & soon after, the coin you exchanged for will be sent to your wallet. From my experience, the system will even wait until your wallet receives the coins before stating that the exchange is complete! How's THAT for trustworthiness?

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So, is ChangeNOW the best crypto exchange?
Being anonymous,
most often low minimums,
a referral program that lets you take advantage of your own link...

ChangeNOW sure hits all the right buttons for what I want in a crypto exchange. Of course, we can't easily say one is "the best" but I can safely say I will choose ChangeNOW over many/most other exchanges!


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