ChangeNow; Best Crypto Exchange in the World
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ChangeNow; Best Crypto Exchange in the World

By 250currencies | Crytorwanda | 20 Jul 2020

We have surely tried and interacted with different cryptocurrency exchanges in the world but we had not seen the best like ChangeNOW.

It is an instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service that provides simple and fast cryptocurrency swaps with more than 150 cryptos at great rates and no accounts needed. It is trusted by such giants of the crypto world as Exodus, Ledger, Trezor, Coinswitch, etc. 

This is a big opportunity to start using the best of the best non-custodial exchange platforms and learn why you should use them instead of centralized exchanges.

We are so grateful for #ChangeNOWExplained, which is an opportunity to bring you this great news curtesy of #Publish0x.

Please have a look into the videos below and join #ChangeNow with me through this link (click).

Thanks for your time and please follow me @250currencies

Join ChangeNow today!

Many thanks to #Publish0x and #ChangeNow



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