ChangeNOW: Explore A World Beyond Limitless Crypto Exchange!!!

ChangeNOW: Explore A World Beyond Limitless Crypto Exchange!!!

By Que | Cryptomation | 18 Jul 2020


The Image above was sourced from the ChangeNOW website and edited by me!

Hi guys! To start things off in this article, I have a question for you: "Have you ever wondered if there was a way you could safely and efficiently exchange almost any form of cryptocoin you may have, into another type you may be interested in possessing without any hidden charges?"

A team of well-seasoned blockchain developers designed ChangeNOW as an answer to this very question. Whether you are a newbie or a cryptoguru, you definitely will make ChangeNOW your number 1 exchange platform after you carry out your very first exchange! The exchange service is well integrated into various major cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Binance, Houbi, Bitfinex and OKEx.

ChangeNOW, is a 5-star exchange platform on Trustpilot, which offers you crypto exchange services with no limits, at the best possible exchange rates on the market at that moment within an incredibly fast transaction time. It is the fastest growing non-custodial crypto exchange service you can find out there.

The most amazing feature about the platform is the fact that you can get your transactions completed without registration!. This helps to keep your transactions entirely safe and you are totally in charge of the transactions. With this feature, you are absolutely free from either Identification or Financial theft since the platform does not store your funds! Another huge plus is that ChangeNOW offers you the fiat to crypto exchange option as it supports the purchase of cryptocurrencies with Visa or MasterCard through a third-party partner.


So let’s get down to business guys; How Can You Make An Instant Coin Exchange?

This seems to be the simplest activity to carry out on ChangeNOW. The exchange service currently supports well over 170 coins (including the small ones) giving you a wide range of coins to trade.

  • You simply go to the ChangeNOW website and you basically select your choice of coins from the options available.
  • The platform does all the essential calculations to bring you the best offers possible for any transaction using the RealRates system.
  • You then receive your funds in your personal wallet within the shortest possible time and directly!.


Eaassy peeaasssy right? How about you try and give your first exchange on the platform a shot then? Click here to access the ChangeNOW exchange platform and testify to it's uniqueness and awesomeness. :)


Moving on, there are a number of options to explore when making an exchange, you get to see certain options such as; The Classic Rate (Red box) and the Fixed Rate (Blue box) and you might be wondering what they mean. Well let’s get them cleared!

The Classic Rate gives you an exchange of coins at the most profitable rate on the market at that moment. Soon as you enter the amount of coins you plan to exchange, you see the Expected Rate (Yellow box) right below your input. What you have there is the current exchange rate you can get at that very moment. During the course of the exchange, cryptocurrencies prices are usually unstable, so don’t be worried if you receive more or less than what you thought you’d get.

The Fixed Rate on the other hand allows you to carry out an exchange at the same rate that was displayed to you at the very beginning of the exchange. In this case, the unstable character of cryptocurrencies does not affect the exchange in this case. ChangeNOW gives you a small reserve to ensure your safety from the exchange rate fluctuations. This reserve is actually added to the rate displayed to you at the start of the instant exchange. And when you make use of the fixed rate flow, you have a time period of 20 minutes to deposit your funds for a guaranteed fixed rate of exchange.

Both rates may differ when clicked on, but the fixed rate is there to actually give users some confidence in the amount of coins they receive on the ChangeNOW platform. So the choice all comes down to what you actually wants.


If you are a very mobile person, the phone applications will definitely suite you best. To transact on a go, download your ChangeNOW mobile application from their respective Appstores, be it Google Play for android devices or iOS App Store for apple devices. The mobile apps offer you the chance to instantly exchange coins on the go with awesome user-friendly interfaces! Be sure to leave a review of your experience with the apps after you make use of them!


However, there are a few things to note when you make an exchange on ChangeNOW.

  • The speed at which transactions are processed spans between two to twenty minutes. Your transaction speed depends on how long it takes for a block to happen in the network. The good thing is,majority of the orders received are actually processed within a few minutes!


  • For the 'big ballerz' who transact in large amounts (let’s say an exchange of more than 1 BTC or its equivalent), processing the exchange may take a while longer, the size of your transaction and the capacity of the block are determining factors here. The good thing still, is that ChangeNOW boasts the fastest exchange speeds on the market because of the revolutionary trading algorithms the platform has in place.


  • For the newbies out there, exchange transactions on the blockchain are irreversible!. If you happen to send some funds wrongly, there is no way it can be cancelled, so be sure to check all payment details over again before activating a transaction. Most especially, you should always run a crosscheck for correct wallet addresses. That puts you on the safer side.


  • You are also guaranteed the most user-profitable way to carry out an instant exchange. At the end of the calculations by the ChangeNOW algorithms, you are offered a final amount that is maximally close to the estimate as much as it possibly can get.Listed below are the possible fees charged behind the scenes in an exchange:
    • Network fee for the deposit transaction from your wallet
    • Network fee for transferring coins to ChangeNOW’s liquidity provider
    • Network fee for sending exchanged funds to users
    • Trading fees for sending exchanged funds to users


  • So let’s talk about exchange limits! ChangeNOW  has no upper limit but only lower limits based on the type of coin. However, the good thing about exchanging crypto on ChangeNOW is if you happen to send less than the minimum exchange amount, the exchange will be canceled and you get a refund. Very commendable I must say!


  • For anyone who might be interested in purchasing some coins with cash, ChangeNOW executes certain exchanges such as FIAT to Cryptocurreency exchanges through third-party partner services. They are quite similar to the normal exchanges with only a few differences.
    • When you buy crypto with Fiat, a USD/EUR card usually required. ChangeNOW’s partner; Simplex handles these transactions and charge 5% for each purchase. They support fewer currencies for direct purchase and the minimum amount that can be used to purchase coins is actually $50 based on network fees and a number of other expenses that Simplex covers on the user’s behalf.
    • To ensure a smooth transaction, your VISA or MasterCard (even prepaid cards that are enrolled to the 3DSecure program) must be eligible for crypto-related purchases wherever you are located. Simplex does not accept Wire transfers, American Express and Discover cards.


  • If you want to make a deposit in BCH, be sure to have your Bitcoin Cash balance split to avoid your deposit being sent in both BCH and BSV. However, if you happen to make a deposit from a BCH/BSV wallet address that is yet to be split, ChangeNOW refunds you in 24 hours after you create a support ticket!
    • In addition, ChangeNOW’s deposit addresses for BTC are in line with the SegWit standard. This makes transactions of BTC from SegWit BTC addresses refundable. Other coins that do not support SegWit at the moment sadly cannot be refunded. Another thing to note is that when you try to purchase coins with your card, there is a daily upper limit of $20,000 and a monthly upper limit of $50,000 for every user.


So I feel it’s time we explore the various ChangeNOW Products, you certainly will find these interesting guys!

There is absolutely a lot more you can do with ChangeNOW. The team of experienced blockchain developers designed the platform to incorporate other means by which anyone who uses the platform can fully get engaged with the cryptoworld! You definitely need to explore the following projects, choose the one that suites you best, and make the possible best out of them all.


First off, we have the ChangeNOW Premium Lounge:


As a premium member you get unrestricted access to ChangeNOW’s new features before other users. You also get to experience Beta testing for some of these features and you get your queries attended to with top priority.


Next is the NOW Token:

This happens to be the first token owned by an instant exchange platform that is available for trading (you can check this out on IDEX and Binance DEX.


The platform’s Token Swap service affords you the ability to swap ERC-20 NOW tokens to Binance Chain and back with no charges! The tokens also serve as an internal currency on the various NOW products available for you..


And then, we have  NOWNodes:


With NOWnodes, you are guaranteed secure and reliable access at any moment, to many of the most popular nodes known out there; such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and DigiByte. You need not worry about Node management as this is well taken care of. You have access to about 45 Blockchains that NOWNodes currently support and the good part is; you are allowed access to their nodes within 1 business day after which you can explore NOWNodes with a nice API.


Another thing to check out is NOWPayments:

If you need an easy way to receive cryptocoin payments, NOWPayments provides you with a wide range cryptocurrency coins with easy-to-implement API. The better half of the gist is that NOWPayments is absolutely custody-free! You get services at relatively competitive fees and your transactions can be implemented anywhere in the world.


Interestingly, in addition to the API, other NOWPayments products include: invoices, an assortment of buttons, a widget and a range of plugins. With these, you have over 30 currencies at your fingertips including the most popular coins, stablecoin and tokens. More coins are being updated successively, and the ChangeNOW team is working on making new fit products that will suite the special needs of all merchant users.   


Also we have LigthningNOW:


For the Lightning Network users, LightningNOW helps to make channel creation between users much easier by facilitating a stable, dependable and well-connected Lightning node!


Lastly If you use Telegram well, you can make your exchanges using the ChangeNOW Telegram Bot:


If you need to make a transaction real fast and on the go, the ChangeNOW Telegram Bot will definitely get it done for you. It is account-free, limitless and always with you wherever you go! You can click this link to access the Telegram bot and get that exchange done smooth and fast!

In addition, if an asset you are interested in is not listed on ChangeNOW, you can easily add new assets to ChangeNOW via a voting procedure. To actualize this, you can donate NOW Tokens for the assets you want listed on the platform. The ChangeNOW team will try to make the assets available soon thereafter.


To finalize this article, there are quite a number of juicy ways you can earn from the ChangeNOW platform. Be sure to explore these options too guys! I definitely won't miss out on these.


You should consider joining the ChangeNOW Ambassador Program:


The program affords you the opportunity to earn some extra cash by simply spreading the word about ChangeNOW! You can earn as much as 0.5 BTC per month by helping to promote ChangeNOW and it’s awesome features on various social media platforms. You can also earn NOW Tokens from this program


You can also become a ChangeNOW Affiliate Partner:


You stand a chance to make some profits from the ChangeNOW platform by using your unique referral links on your blogs, web pages and social media accounts. As an affiliate partner, you get paid for each exchange made through your referral links!. Everyone is free to join and you can get your set of affiliate links soon as you register, which is almost an instant process also! To join and get your unique referral link, click here.

ChangeNOW exchange Widgets and Buttons are also available for content creators, bloggers, authors and the likes. You can add the source code generated to your articles and then earn extra from each transaction made through your link.

For those who run any sort of cryptoproject and need an embedded crypto exchange tool, ChangeNOW will create an API key for the exchange tool that you can put on your platform. To get yours you can click here.

If you are interested in launching your own crypto exchange, but will like to avoid the stress of development and maintenance, then you should give ChangeNOW WordPress plugin a try. ChangeNOW takes care of all the maintenance, adding new coins, and support of the exchange itself. You simply handle marketing and branding your website, then profits will be shared by you and ChangeNOW. Sounds cool, right?

These and many more options are available for you just a few clicks away. To understand the Affiliate Partnership better, click here and feel free to read through this blog post.


You also should check out the ChangeNOW Academy:


Another awesome thing I love about the ChangeNOW exchange platform is the fact that they have a step by step guide for all users who might be interested in getting a better understanding of the crypto world. Provisions are already in place for beginners, and guides for intermediate and advanced learners will be out soon! Click here to access the ChangeNOW Academy and learn!


Don't Forget to visit the ChangeNOW Blog:

For you to remain up to date on happenings around the blockchain technology, be sure to check out the ChangeNow Blog. It is constantly updated to provide tips, guides, tutorials and also give users the latest news! I have made it my daily duty to check on the blog from time to time, you definitely should do the same guys!


And last on the list, you can actually be a ChangeNOW Business PATNER!

To round things up, the ChangeNOW team is open to PARTNERSHIP. They are currently partners with a number of firms and they offer their partners a unique opportunity to maximally make profitable revenue for their enterprise by setting an income level that suits the partners. Feel free to check it out if you are interested by clicking here.


In conclusion, If you take your time to check out ChangeNOW's Press About page, you definitely will be awed and even more convinced that you are definitely exchanging on the best platform out there in the cryptoworld! Various media outlets endorse the platform and I can say transacting your coins could never feel! With all the lit things that can be done with ChangeNOW products and the awesome offers available on the exchange platform, I can condifently say that ChangeNOW is uniquely more than just an exchange platform, It's an avenue to safely explore the crypto ecosystem in all it's awesomeness. So do not delay that exchange any longer, ChangeNOW is all you need!


Please Note: All images in this article are sourced from the ChangeNOW website, respective ChangeNOW products website, and ChangeNOW Blog.


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