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ChangeNOW is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that was founded by Roman Lapin Dmitrievich and Petr Sergeev Konstantinovich in 2017. It is available both on the web and on Android.

ChangeNOW offers its services almost worldwide (and is available in 28 languages), and allows both crypto and fiat based purchases with credit and debit cards. It also does not require any KYC registration. Potential investors only need a cryptocurrency wallet to begin purchasing assets, which currently total at over 200. Citizens of countries subject to United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Sanctions Lists cannot use the exchange.

The exchange also runs a Lightning Network node, as well as allowing users to connect to nodes. The exchange claims minimal node management for users. The most notable feature is NOWpayments, a convenient and easily implementable API payment gateway that facilitates online payments. It currently supports over 30 cryptocurrencies.

Transaction fees for ChangeNOW vary from 0.5% to 4%. Both classic and fixed rates are offered. The former is simply the best available rate on the market, which can vary according to market and network conditions. The latter guarantees a rate, but the buyer pays an additional feel to guarantee the rate. 

Fiat purchases include a 5% Simplex processing fee or a $10 minimum fee and a 1% ChangeNOW service fee in addition to blockchain transaction fees. There are no limits to purchases.


How to exchange cryptocurrency for ChangeNOW

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ChangeNOW is designed for quick and easy cryptocurrency exchanges. The project seeks maximum safety, simplicity and convenience. All your funds are located with you; account creation is not required. ChangeNOW is integrated into several cryptocurrenc...

ChangeNowExplained: Simple and Fast Crypto Exchanges, Non-Custodial and 24/7 Online Support

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Introduction  Some crypto exchange services offers users' accessibility to swap or exchange any tokens or coins at specified price but with hidden charges or fees. It also required personal information in  confirming transactions or for custodial acc...

ChangeNOW Explained: Its a Limitless Crypto Exchange! So go limitless NOW!

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ChangeNow - Quick, Easy & Safe

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One of the main problems beginners encounter in crypto is how to buy cryptocurrencies. While this should be the easiest part as everyone in the cryptocurrency space is striving for wider adoption, it is still a big problem that discourages new people...

Comparing ExchangeNow to Other Platform

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There is so many Exchanger all over in the internet. If your reading this right now I know we're in the same interest for crypto information and knowledge.. Are you finding an Exchanger that is convenient to use? Your a newbie a fistimer looking for...

ChangeNOW + Swapzone Promo Will Take the $DOGE to the MOON?!

9 Jul 2020 2 minute read 4 comments tomoyan

Last week TikTok user let the $DOGE out and the dogecoin price has been up 165 % and barking at the $1 moon here and everybody seems to be excited about it includes ChangeNOW. source You can go to changeNOW DOGE page and buy or exchange to get some...

Exchange to Waves #ChangeNOWExplained

9 Jul 2020 2 minute read 3 comments Thiago Capuano

Those who never went through a complicated situation when it comes to exchanging one crypto asset for another, throw the first stone. We have an asset and want exchange it, but the place not list the asset and need a long path of executions for do it...

$350 in Crypto Prize Pool: #ChangeNOWExplained Writing Contest + Twitter Giveaway!

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It's time for another writing contest. And a good one at that!   #ChangeNOWExplained Writing Contest Overview and $350 in Prize Pool. Date: Submit your entries between 8th and 19th of July 2020. Topic: You can write about anything you feel like writ...

ChangeNOW AMA Recap With Maria Karola - CMO of Guarda Wallet

7 Jul 2020 7 minute read 0 comments xqanxxx

This article is a recap of the recent AMA session between the changeNOW Community and Maria Karola - CMO of Guarda Wallet.  The session took place in ChangeNOW's Telegram Group and on the 3rd of July 2020 The following text was edited for clarity.  ...

Perform Limitless Token Swaps With ChangeNOW - Fast, Secure And KYC-Free 😎

6 Jul 2020 4 minute read 13 comments Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

Why I am using ChangeNOW? Well, let me simply show you all the benefits of swapping your crypto with ChangeNOW. I will also provide you with a detailed step by step tutorial on how to perform a token swap with ChangeNOW. The Advantages Of ChangeNOW I...