#ChangeNOWExplained Writing Contest: Why It's WORTH IT!

By FarewelltoMinds | Farewell2Minds | 13 Jul 2020

#ChangeNOWExplained Writing Contest: Why It's WORTH IT!

There’s a plethora of exchanges available to use for buying and selling cryptocurrency these days. We’re at a moment in the crypto space that is far after a bullrun, and well before another. Exchanges are abundant, and the competition is steep. In an effort to increase the potential profit derived by each person using an exchange, it’s not uncommon to see frequent advertising of margin trading, from x10 to x100. With most users buying and holding their crypto, as opposed to actively trading it, exchanges are looking for more and more ways to get those percent fees.

For customers on the lookout for the latest gem in a sea of shitcoins, and mind you, that sea of overflowing in a way that makes the Pacific Garbage Patch a drop in the toilet, navigating each individual exchange, each with their own specific registration process, exchange fees, withdrawal fees, potential KYC rules, documenting those trades for tax purposes, handling the potential anxiety about remembering passwords and security concerns (remember: not your keys, not your coins), all of these aspects can build into a daunting situation. Or, at least, an irritating one.

As opposed to registering for tens of different exchanges, you can instead use a single avenue: ChangeNOW. The name states exactly what the exchange does: change one coin for another. And, there’s no registration, no limits, and the fees are upfront.

The process of trading on ChangeNOW is as simple as a click of the button. Choose from over 170 different coins. Choose your trade: from X to Y. Have the wallets ready for the coin you want, then accept the trade conditions and deposit the coin you want to sell. ChangeNOW automatically finds the best trade for you and does all the work of navigating exchanges. The whole process can happen as fast as a few minutes. Then, all done!

You should know, however, that if you trigger the automated risk prevention system, then you WILL have to signup for the AML/KYC process. This is to avoid scammers and thieves, and is an unfortunate reality in today’s world where highly sophisticated hackers regularly get away with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto.

Overall, if you can handle the ins and outs of using crypto wallets and sending/receiving coins, the process of trading using ChangeNOW shouldn’t be difficult. The real attraction of this platform is the avoidance of signing up for different exchanges, all taking your private information and using it for God knows what. ChangeNOW handles the bullshit for you, taking only a small fee in the process.

Find all the info you want here: https://changenow.io/faq/

Get started trading https://changenow.io/

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