ChangeNOW - Trade the DAIs You Earned on Publish0x

It would be incredible if there was an entity that offers its users to quickly, easily, cheaply and securely trade cryptocurrencies. Well you are not dreaming, it exists and it is called ChangeNOW.

Just forget the classic exchange sites and their boring KYCs. Thanks to ChangeNOW you can simply exchange your cryptocurrencies using your wallet addresses. If you have a cryptocurrency on one of your wallets and want to exchange it for another, nothing prevents you from doing so.

If you are here on Publish0x, you have probably collected some DAIs that you have stored on your Atomic Wallet (if you are not using Atomic Wallet already, what are you waiting for ?). And maybe you have already wondered "But what can I do with these DAIs?". Well, the best choice would undoubtedly be to reinvest these few tokens on a currency with a great potential. After all, you will need money to get the Lambo right ?

And that's where I come in. I'll show you how (and why) you should convert your hard-earned DAIs into BATs !



#1 Go to the ChangeNOW website

First you have to go to the ChangeNOW website. You can access it directly by clicking right here. As you can see, you already have access to the exchange tool on the home page.



#2 Click on the exchange button

Click on the exchange button and you can then choose which currency you want to convert and which currency you want to receive.


In my case, I will choose to trade DAIs for BATs but the process remains the same whatever the currency you want to send and whatever the currency you want to receive.

However, it is important to note that even if ChangeNOW offers the exchange of a large number of cryptocurrencies, if you do not want to send Bitcoins or Ethereum you will have less choice of trading pairs. With more than 30,000 trading pairs, you will probably find something that suits you, don’t worry.


You can then fill in the blanks with the amount you want to exchange and your payout address. In my case, my address is a BAT address but if you want to convert your DAI into another currency the procedure is the same except that your address will be different.


As you can see, the website tells you how fast the swap will be. If you are the anxious type, this can allow you to wait quietly until the receipt of your tokens. You can even set an email alert.


#3 Safety First

Before proceeding to the next step, be sure to verify your address several times and also verify that you are on the right website. Among the best known crypto scams, there are fake websites and software that modify your information when you make a copy paste for example. Be sure to check your information several times, it doesn’t cost much and it may save you a bad surprise. 


#4 Last Step 

All you have to do now is send your tokens to the address indicated by ChangeNOW. To do this, simply go to your wallet and in the send category select your DAIs then enter the requested address manually or scan the QR code.


You will then receive your BATs on your wallet very quickly !


#5 Why should you use ChangeNOW

As you might expect when using such services, you will have to face transaction fees. Depending on the type of exchange you are going to choose to make, these fees can be quite high. But still it is necessary to define what are high costs. For people who do not yet have a large capital at their disposal, I advise you to wait to collect "a lot" of tokens so that your exchange will be profitable. Of course it is also necessary that the currency in which you wish to invest has a great potential and I believe BAT has it.

However, this is what Atomic Wallet offers as a conversion ratio when I took the screenshots on ChangeNOW. This shows you that the rates offered are really very advantageous so do not hesitate to use it to convert your DAIs or anything else !


Invest quickly, easily, cheaply and more securely. In a nutshell, that's what ChangeNOW has to offer. And even more. It's up to you to try it and tell me what you thought about it.


Thanks for reading, have a nice day, stay safe. 

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