ChangeNOW - How to Exchange the Right Way

ChangeNOW - How to Exchange the Right Way

One of the biggest frustrations I have found in the crypto world is exchanges.  Changing one coin into another can be incredibly frustrating because you might need to find the right exchange website that supports that transition.  Then it gets to verification.  Then it gets to adding 2FA.  Then it gets to….

Or maybe you completed an exchange by clicking that "Send All" button but are left with trace amounts that could have been converted over, but instead just lingers around until the next transaction...

It’s annoying.

One of the best things I have found is called ChangeNOW.  A coworker of mine actually showed it to me, where we discussed the latest pending moonshot.  I mentioned an article I had written previously about “Digibyte” (which you can read here, by the way…).  He read it and two minutes later, came back with his phone to show me he had transitioned a large bulk of Etherum Classic to Digibyte.  The screen showed exactly how much he sent and exactly how much he would receive back.  


Whether you go to the website or download the app, the function is still the same.  Over 10,000 pairings (and growing) exist on the site, and you can even directly use fiat to purchase from 16 different coins, including Dogecoin and Stellar Lumens.  I’ll walk you through the step by step on how this works, but you can click on any of the pictures to go to the website yourself and start exchanging.


The website starts simple, where you can pull up a selected drop down menu to figure out what you want to send and what you want to get back.  While the list may not include your Mousecoins or ERC-20 tokens, it still offers a very wide selection.  Just enter the values and you’ll be told how much to expect back.  There is still a chance that a pairing is temporarily unavailable or your coin limit is too low, but the website will tell you all of this information before you hit “Exchange”


Once you hit the Exchange button, you are sent to a screen where you can input the details on your exchange.  Maybe you mistyped the information incorrectly, or maybe you decided to switch from Etherum to Etherum Classic.  This is also where you would tell the website where you want to receive your funds.  If you don’t have an exchange wallet, that’s perfectly fine.  There is a small link that will provide a dropdown menu of options for ALL of the coins available.  I even found wallet suggestions for ZEN.  Not exchanges, but wallets.


Click “Next” and you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen.  Did you give the right receiving address?  You can also read their Terms and Privacy Policy so that there is no hidden information.  What you get is what you receive, and it’s very fairly balance with what you sent.


To complete the exchange, you are given a target send address.  This is important because ChangeNOW works to process these exchanges through their own system at their own rates.  You’re not hunting for the best deals or bidding for the lowest purchase rate and hope that someone takes you up on it.  ChangeNOW does all of the work for you.  You can sit and wait while the exchange processes (which it will update automatically so you don’t have to refresh) or you can enter your email and receive confirmations as each step completes.  Some smaller transactions can take just a few minutes, but others may take longer.  Regardless though, once its sent you don’t need to worry.


When everything is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation display like what you see below.  This will give you all of the relevant information on hash information, and will tell you if you were able to get a little bit of extra coins due to instant volatility.  These guys don’t pocket the change, they send it directly to you!


What I like about this is that you don’t need to sign up for yet another account just to exchange that one coin you can’t seem to get rid of.  It’s fair in the pricing, and it’s quick.  And it’s freaking easy to use!  I have actually found myself using this service more than the exchange function on my wallets (mainly because it’s cheaper to send to another location than it is to exchange...hint, hint).  


My suggestion is to bookmark the link listed here.  You can click this affiliate link anytime you wish and be taken directly to the website for your exchange.  You will also be helping out my website  and blogging efforts here on Publish0x.  It also won’t cost you anything extra!

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