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Before i start to praise it, I need to explain few terms for you, that you may know, or you may not.

The difference between custodial and non-custodial exchange platform. The custodial platform are probably the first platform that you used when you learn about crypto. The are well known and have impressive amounts of crypto moving though the day. Names like Coinbase, Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex and similar ones, all of them are custodial exchanges. The word custodial came from the fact that they are custodians of your private keys, and have complete control over your crypto, for as along as you keep it on the exchange. They have fast transactions, but lack transparency, and use KYC (Know your customer) policies to store informations about you - data like your name, address, phone number, email and  ID document. And you need to trust them with your data used for the identity verification, and the account that you registered. Not so much of the privacy touted behind the blockchain and the crypto-currencies. In exchange, on the exchange (yes, i know) you may have few advantages, you can store fiat, benefit of the high volume trade and higher limits of trading. This if you do not mind the ocasional hack, website crash (I am pointing at you Coinbase!) or, worst case scenario, platform closure. 

The non custodial ones (you may have heard of Changelly, Shapeshift or ChangeNow) may have appeared in response to the shortcommings of the 'traditional' exchanges. Here, you may benefit of a higher degree of anonymity, you will have access to your private keys all the time, and everything is more or less decentralized. Treu, there is not always a big trade volume, and may of these type of services are still in the developmental stage, but everything is progressing quite fast, and there is a major difference in quality and offers from the last year until now. New crypto-related tools appeared every day now (low yield faming is so 'last month trend' already) and we are the one in charge with the adoption and progress of each of them, depending on the quality they can offer to their customers. 


Let's take the example of ChangeNow platform, their services are already used by custodial exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, OKex, multi-currencies wallets like Jaxx Liberty, Guarda and Atomic Wallet, and even physical wallets like Trezor and Ledger. They offer you also a few easy ways to add an exchange to your site and to be paid in commision for its usage, and no account or identity confirmation is needed. I have already used their widget to set up the exchange on my main blog, and i can tell you that it is very simple to create and add it to a personal website. Extra bonus points for this. 



And as we speak about being pleasant surprised, their wallet linked on the Changenow website, called Guarda, is looking quite clean and easy to use. I never liked a wallet that is full of options and other gimmiks, but this one is simple and very intuitive to use. Still, you have plenty on choices in terms of coins and tokens to add to your list, some even with the posibility of staking. For a web-based wallet, Guarda is quite good, and i am using it for small amounts of currency that i need to have it online for easy access, like the ones that i use for some of my games (Tron, Doge - freshly added few days ago, EOS and few similar ones), as i create some mini-incomes on some blockchain games, but i will also use them when back i need to buy something in-game. See picture bellow. 


Overall, ChangeNOW testing was flawless and pleasant, and i am recommend it for future transactions. They got an affiliate program with very interesting privileges offered, depending on the total ammount of crypto traded on your exchanges - SEE LINK, and a referral program also. 

By the way, just in case you may want to promote your own exchange - this is ChangeNOW my referral. 

And with this, i am getting ready to go to sleep, have a good night everyone!




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Crypto - I tested it, so you didn't need to...
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