White Label Exchange of ChangeNOW

White Label Exchange of ChangeNOW

You may have heard about the changeNOW partner program and the affiliate and referral program, but you want to know a little about White Label and that is what we are going to discuss here.

Own White Label Exchange

First Step

The first step is exactly the process widely explained and demonstrated in the articles found in articles with the tag changeNOWExplained. The order of execution in the registry can be done before or after the procedures that will be presented here.

Partner Program

Second Step

You need to choose, define and purchase a domain and hosting service, if you already have one there is no problem using it, or a subdomain. The only thing really needed is that the hosting is enabled in PHP and enabled to install the famous WordPress framework, and install it.

WordPress Framework

Exactly WordPress, cheaper than that, not even a forehead injection.

Third Step

In the White Label Exchange tab, you will find two files, a short Installation Guide (pdf) and an Affiliate Pack (zip) file and download it.

White Label Exchange tab

In the Installation Guide you will have some instructions for procedures, but the important thing is inside the compressed file Affiliate Pack, in it you will find 2 other files, one referring to the theme that they offer and another to the plugin that will do the exchange procedure with yours. API you generated or will generate when you register with the changeNOW partner program.


After installing WordPress on your domain or subdomain, (preferably remove the default WordPress articles, posts and comments, leave it clean and pre-configured) you will need to locate the Polylang plugin in the Plugins, install and activate it, and all what the plugin offer to you.

After performing this primary task, after unzipping the Affiliate Pack zip file, in the themes menu, in adding themes you will send in the field for sending the file with the name theme-now-x.x.x.zip and at the end of your activation.

Now as the final task in plugins you will send the file plugin-now-x.x.x.x.zip, and activating it, once this task is done your White Label Exchange website is almost finished and ready to run.


You will go to the settings of the theme and make your customize it with pre-defined colors or choosing personal settings, in a very simple way, nothing secret is found.

In case you are preparing a White Label Exchange site for your regional language you will need to perform the respective translations, the executions are a bit of work, but running in the correct sequence will not be a problem, initially you need to send, through the icons next to the name of the page, the English version of the text, wait a few moments and select the language in the other files with the + icon in the respective language column.


Important detail of Polylang translations on the White Label Exchange: When you do this, the page template will automatically be changed, so you will need to reestablish the correct model so that it is found by the framework, this can be done with extreme agility by quick editing.


And to conclude the most important part, you will insert the identification of your API in the respective field in the Plugin settings and define save, this identification is located in your profile and generated at the moment you registered in the partner program, with this execution will open several fields, with the languages ​​selected in Polylang, and through it you will make the translations manually for the languages ​​that will be presented for the respective language.




WordPress is the fastest and most practical way to create a website, it saves a lot of work, polylang can bring a little difficulty at the beginning, but nothing serious and does not hinder any swap functionality, with the ease of providing the theme and plugins essentials by changeNOW to facilitate everything can be assembled very quickly, really fast.

The result will be something similar or very close to the White Label Exchange that I created that you can access through the link:


TrocaBit White Label Exchange


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