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Why do I keep HODLing my Coins!!

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Over the last year I have accumulated many tokens through different activities like blogging, writing articles, doing bounties, participating in airdrops and participating in platforms like Publish0x, Bounty0x, Crowdholding and recently Minds and Upt...

What exactly is BatMine?

3 days ago 2 minute read SamBTC $0.21 tipped

I recently got to know about an upcoming crypto project called BatMine. I must admit what initially got me interested was the bat shaped logo which made me think it is somehow linked to BatMan. Once I researched more and read their whitepaper, I was...

Beware of Fake Crypto News

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As the Crypto community is still in it's early phases there is no clear established authority to confirm the news. For example if you read any general news published by BBC, CNN or NY Times you know it must be genuine as they would have done their re...

What Bothers Me About BRAVE?

5 days ago 2 minute read SamBTC $0.26 tipped

I have always been a big fan of Brave since the first time I heard about it. What's there not to like- it makes our browsing experience faster, blocks out all adware and malware lurking behind the sites we visit and on top of that providing incentive...

How Much Bitcoin Should You HODL?

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If you ask someone what is the right amount of Bitcoin to HODL you will get a range of response. Most of BTC Maximalists will tell you the standard response as "As much as you afford to buy!" In principal this is a good advice as if you are convinced...

CrowdHolding- My 1st Payout

1 week ago 2 minute read SamBTC $0.33 tipped

Over the last few months I have been active in several sites linked to crypto. Some are publishing based like Medium, Steemit, Uptrennd while others are linked to crypto based tasks or bounties like Bounty0x and Crowdholding. One thing I always do is...

HELIOS- Will it prove to be the fastest Crypto?

1 week ago 2 minute read SamBTC $0.48 tipped

When Bitcoin was launched 11 years ago it was created with the aim of having a truly decentralized global currency. It was programmed with a blockchain backbone to protect it from manipulations and a supply limit was set at 21 million. It was a revol...

TA Master - Short, Mid and Long term forecast for Bitcoin

2 weeks ago 1 minute read SamBTC $11.98 tipped

I avoid using too many complicated indicators and jargon in my analysis, so it is simple to understand and follow for everyone. In this analysis for Bitcoin I have used simple trend lines based on the lower end of the candles, 50 day moving average,...

Is Bitcoin the new Gold?

2 weeks ago 1 minute read SamBTC $0.21 tipped

I have just created a video which talks about the utility of Bitcoin and if it will be able to establish itself as a rival to gold in being considered the global standard of wealth. You can access the video on youtube at the link below https://www.yo...

Can Blockchain revolutionize Real Estate?

2 weeks ago 2 minute read SamBTC $0.25 tipped

I recently came across a really innovative crypto based project which aimed to infuse the power of blockchain into the field of real estate. I think this is going to completely revolutionize the property industry as traditionally real estate has been...