ChangeNow: Your Go-to Exchange Platform

ChangeNow: Your Go-to Exchange Platform

By Jyd Jide | JydJide | 19 Jul 2020

During the season of Altcoins, in the year 2018, the fear of missing out (FOMO) made so many cryptocurrency enthusiasts get involved in exchanging their bitcoin with altcoins to make profits. Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms where you can exchange one kind of digital asset for another based on the market value of the given assets.


In my voyage on various cryptocurrency exchange platforms, I have experienced some setbacks and difficulties which could be discouraging, some of which apply to many crypto exchange users over the globe. Some of these setbacks include,

  1. User-friendliness: If an exchange platform is complex with complicated pages, customers will look elsewhere for better user experience. The harder a site is to use, the greater the tendencies of being dropped by users. A critical component of creating a perfect user experience on any cryptocurrency exchange platform as of today is the user-friendliness of the system. Most cryptocurrency exchange platforms are not user-friendly.
  2. Customer Support: When using an exchange platform, especially centralized exchanges, the go-to feature when users get stuck, is the customer support contact for resolution of their problems. Well, I will say here that many exchange platforms have inadequate resources for customer support services. Many exchange platforms do not have adequate customer support resources to match the users they serve.
  3. Best exchange price: This is an issue that has affected so many exchange users (myself inclusive until I started using ChangeNow). After an exchange has been filled and executed, you might get to know that there is another platform that offers a better price for the same digital asset thus leading to arbitration. As simple as it sounds, arbitration is a double edged sword which can be beneficial to some, especially for those who can leverage on it as a trading tool.
  4. Security: Statista surveyed in 2018 that 40% of exchange users expressed security concerns ( This percentage represents the highest percentage of issues raised by exchange users.

Why ChangeNow?

Looking at the various challenges posed by many exchange platforms, a place of solace is ChangeNow platform. ChangeNOW is a simple and fast instant, non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service. You do not need to register, and your exchange will have no limits. Conversion of coins is done based on the best rate without charging any additional or hidden fees.

ChangeNow platform has put in place various mechanisms for users to have the best exchange experience. You might want to have a look at some of these great features of ChangeNow platforms below.

  1. Best exchange rate. With ChangeNow, you do not have to worry about the best market price. This is because the platform selects the best market price at the time of exchange for you. Furthermore, because of the volatility of the market space, a fixed rate cryptocurrency exchange feature is available on ChangeNow. It is an exchange performed at the same rate which is displayed to the client at the beginning of an exchange, regardless of subsequent rate fluctuations.
  2. Security: ChangeNow platform is built putting in mind absolute safety for users. The privacy policy that governs this platform is carefully written to protect users' information and security.
  3. User-friendliness: ChangeNOW is the most user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency exchanges that works without registration and limits. The platform allows you to make a quick exchange with these 5 simple steps
  4.     Select the currency
  5.     Enter your wallet address
  6.     Confirm your transaction
  7.     Deposit your bitcoin in the wallet address generated for you
  8.     Receive your coin
  9.     Customer Service: When it comes to swift responses to issues and the speed of problem resolution, ChangeNow takes the front seat. Exceptionally reliable customer support resources.
  10.      Limitless exchanges: with ChangeNow, you do not have to bother about upper limits for cryptocurrency exchanges. With a minimum of $2, you can exchange your favorite coin as much as you want in one go.

Additional services offered by ChangeNow, which aim to better the lots of crypto enthusiasts in the space include: 

  • NOWAcademy helps with you not getting lost in a myriad of concepts as a newbie or a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. All you need to know has been simplified with NOWAcademy
  • NOWNodes makes it possible for interested parties to run a node without the need to have full financial capabilities. Node operators who might not have the financial capacity to own a node, can be part of a pool of other node operators. ChangeNow creates a pool of node operators where contributions can be made, to sum up to the amount required to own a node. All these operators jointly own a node with their little financial input. Hence you do not have to worry about not having the full financial capacity to own a node. ChangeNow handles the pool for you.
  • NOWPayments: This provides the easiest way to accept online payments in a large range of cryptocurrencies. It is a non-custodial service that has competitive fees and is available worldwide. All you need to do is to integrate ChangeNow API to your platform. This product does good justice as a mode of payment for freelancers in the crypto space such as programmers, graphics designers, content creators, etc.

ChangeNow is the in-thing when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges. They provide the best user experience for their users. Kindly log on to to get started guys.


Jyd Jide
Jyd Jide

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