:Satire: TRON Founder Arrested - Sentenced to Life in 1980's Virtual Reality Game

:Satire: TRON Founder Arrested - Sentenced to Life in 1980's Virtual Reality Game

Not True- this just in!

In a surprising 'catch em if you can' type chase, TRON Founder Justin Sun was arrested 12/16/2132. Allegedly, Sun was attempting to convert all TRON cryptocurrency holders' tokens into a contract to invest in a virtual reality game that can only be played by purchasing real tokens minted as "TRON". 

In a bizarre story that must be true because it's Justin Sun, after all, the radical cryptocurrency CEO recently became obsessed with the 1980's arcade.

In the process of aligning deals to have his cryptocurrency token utilized for virtual game assets, Sun learned a great deal from the video game industry executives, and considered the possibility of great potential earnings by printing real-life tokens, and designing a real hardware virtual reality game, titled TRON.

What Sun didn't realize, is that he was not only converting his coin holders into investors in this new venture, but he was infringing on the rights holders of 1980's movie 'Tron' and subsequent Tron video game. The irony is not lost on this reporter, since the game itself revolves around... exactly what is being reported here... allegedly.

Once arrested, Sun was forced to be jailed inside the very virtual world he was attempting to design. The real technology behind Disney's Star Wars franchise, the candy star fun ray, was used to shrink Sun, digitize his life force, and place him inside what authorities have described as "a really bad virtual reality game with literally no plot".

TRON token investors expressed a concern that Sun was taking the project in the wrong direction, showing he truly did not understand the point in digitizing real assets on a blockchain. Even more concerning was the fact he had never been aware of the 1980's arcade at all.

Sun was not available for comment.

Neither was anyone else, seeing how this never happened... yet.

1 TRON = 1 Tron?

Gordon Freeman Out

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