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Hi! I'm Gordon Freeman (I hear they made a likeness of me in some video game... totally unrelated... or...).

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Of Covid and Crypto- 4 Part Video Series

21 hours ago 1 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

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Crypto and Covid-19 Correlation Again- Gordon Files a Complaint

1 week ago 15 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

Gordon files a complaint with the thought police again. It seems that relating things together to make a point doesn't require logic any longer. Crypto Twitter can be great. It can also get under your skin. I'm convinced; the world has lost it's scru...

Understand Cryptocurrency Decoupling

3 weeks ago 11 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

Amid the turbulent and uncertain times we face, one thing that is starting to surface is the talk of correlation. Funny how some things come around. I spent a large part of last year talking about correlation within the crypto market, and in that tim...

Understanding Crypto Trading: Why Momentum Matters

3 weeks ago 4 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

When people provide their chart analysis and often also give predictions, we see the common strategies for interpretation. We see triangles that are drawn to make trends easy to spot. A triangle closing in downward can show the time of potential brea...

Corona and Crypto: Understanding the Correlations Everyone Needs to Consider... And a Few Rants In Between For Good Measure!

3 weeks ago 14 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

We are in unprecedented times. We are in uncharted territory. Unless you know someone personally who survived the black plague (which ain't possible), you don't have personal perspective on the difference between this outbreak and the flu. I am not w...

Words of Support To Friends in the Crypto World Today in Response to the Corona Virus

4 weeks ago 2 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

Hi all, This is a little less formal, as I just want to speak from the heart. This is 'that' thing someone does in a hard time, sending out words that I'd like to hear from someone else. I see a lot of foolishness on social media today. When bad thin...

Not A Lot of Great Options: Taking a Look At Market Trickery

4 Mar 2020 4 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

Thus far, we've seen some extreme market movement in 2020. The past several weeks have not been the prettiest. 2 Confirmed ddos attacks, FCoin claiming to have a module deleted then admitting a $130 Million loss, a few hundred manual withdrawal retur...

The Best Crypto Exchange Is Yet To Come - And Here's Why

3 Mar 2020 18 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

I hope everyone is getting along well. February (2020) was a difficult month for crypto, and March has started with an attack on STEEM that seems to be... invoke conspiracy theorist within... a coordinated effort, not indirectly connected to Justin S...

Which Coins Will Fail? Understanding the Correlation Between Project Value and Market Value

2 Mar 2020 18 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

  A great thing happened the other day. I wrote this long thing about everything that built up in my mind and heart about the cryptocurrency industry. Having studied global economics, cultures, and now this amazing new industry, it amazed me more and...

Big Coin, Small Coin, Short Term, Long Term - Which Strategy is Best For Crypto?

27 Feb 2020 3 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

People who are really into crypto might try their hand at day trading. Trading coins can take place via a wallet that accepts bank accounts, credit card connections, a site like Coinbase, and they can take place on a centralized exchange like Binance...