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Tron (TRX) is a decentralized content entertainment protocol which is based on blockchain and was created in September 2017 when Justin Sun, CEO & Founder of Tron, created the Tron Foundation. The entire idea of the Tron network is to change the way that entertainment is shared and consumed leaving the rights of fair earnings into the hands of the content creators.

The idea of compensating content creators fairly has been a lost cause in the traditional social media industry. Platforms such as YouTube often take a majority share of any advertising revenues, and platforms like Facebook do not provide any earnings to content creators at all. Using a combination of blockchain and P2P technology, the Tron platform aims allow users to retain a fair value for their content they create and most importantly, the content creators always own the rights to their content. TRX is the unit of account on the Tron network and are often known as Tronix. TRX uses Lamport Digital Signatures which makes it quantum resistant and future proof. It also uses zero-knowledge proofs which helps to maintain privacy for users. Tron launched their mainnet on June 25th when they migrated all of their ERC20 tokens into fresh Tron blockchain tokens - this day will always be known as Tron independence day.

The founder of the Tron network, Justin Sun, is already a highly decorated entrepreneur. After being labelled as one of Asia’s Forbes 30 under 30 and being known as a protegee of Jack Ma, CEO & Founder of the multi-billion Dollar Alibaba Group. However, things have not always been easy for Sun in cryptocurrency as he was accused of plagiarism regarding the Tron whitepaper when it was initially released. However, since then, Sun has come forward and cleared up the accusations.

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What Is Tron? [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Tron]

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Tron is a decentralized apps (dApps) platform that tries to ‘decentralize’ the web by utilizing its blockchain technology. Unlike Ethereum and some other older blockchain systems, Tron is proven to be much more efficient because Tron network uses DPo...

Tron (TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT) price analysis - price influence, airdrop and day trade opportunity.

6 days ago 2 minute read zulonga $2.00 tipped

Introduction The Tron is a decentralized protocol created by Chinese Justin Sun, which aims to create a Blockchain-based entertainment platform. It promises to offer security, scalability and privacy. Like Ethereum, it intends to make other currencie...

Review of 0xWarrior ! ETH TRON EOS Multichain game!

6 days ago 1 minute read the01crow $0.72 tipped

  This is an entertaining game based on different blockchain, is really interesting this concept of multichain, where you can connect different wallets, on the same platform, and in this case applied to a game. The game consists of leveling up fighti...

Latest price analysis AND NEWS : EOS, CARDANO , Bitcoin and Tron

1 day ago 3 minute read goldenforex $0.15 tipped

Amidst the Bullish Trend, EOS Announces the Release of Version 1.8   EOS wager gambling club has as of late been recorded on the trading of Binance. EOS is good to go to dispatch its most recent variant 1.8. EOS to USD Value Examination: On August 2...

Cosmos - earn dividend

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The Cosmos is another edge of the TRON network in which you can draw dividends from 3.3% -4.5% per month.The game is at the very beginning and it is convenient to enter it as soon as possibleStart 12.9.2019Through the link you will get 10 cosmos chip...

Bad News For Privacy Coin Holders !!

2 days ago 1 minute read Cryptoram $0.12 tipped

The first time when I saw exchanges delisting privacy coins. I was like 99% sure okay I'm not gonna go into privacy coins because well of course they cannot ban them they cannot track it but they can tell exchanges hey you are violating the FATF...

Zethyr official launch & Mainnet trading competition

3 days ago 1 minute read Zethyr Exchange $0.13 tipped

Finanlly, after months of preparation, Zethyr Exchange is officially launching on TRON mainnet at 0000, 18 September 2019, Eastern time. In phase 1, we will support 3 trading pairs: $BTT/$TRX, $WIN/$TRX & $USDT/$TRX. More trading pairs will be availa...

Latest Price Analysis : TRON , Bitcoin Cash , Stellar , Dogecoin and Cardano(ADA)

3 days ago 5 minute read goldenforex $0.25 tipped

Tron takes a Steep Upward Movement; TRX Price Hovers Around $0.016       Tron has been enduring long enough in the crypto showcase. The money attempted to improve, yet every time it attempts to move, there comes a pullback. The aftereffect of the eq...

DappStats - Dapp Statistic Platform that Shares Wealth with Community

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DappStats Shares Earnings Of The Platforms with Token Holders If you're looking for a place to search for dapps you might want to check out this new platform called that is currently featuring EOS, IOST, ETH and TRX dapps. In future th...

Don't Sleep on Tron. Superior Dapp Ecosystem in the Making.

1 week ago 2 minute read Wstanley224 $0.41 tipped

Don't Sleep on Tron. Superior Dapp Ecosystem in the Making. Tron is an amazing cryptocurrency, and has grown since it was created in 2017. Tron's life began with a sketchy whitepaper that was called into question, but was later explained. The Dapp ec...

Publish0x Should Add TRC-10/20 Compatibility

1 week ago 2 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.58 tipped

I started writing this article a while ago, but now that even publish0x has started to see the issues with the bloating in the Ethereum network, I think it's time to release this article, especially since I also recently pushed for Ternio's BlockCard...

Is "LISK" Dying Cryptocurrency ?

1 week ago 3 minute read Cryptoram $0.18 tipped

                               WHAT IS LISK   Lisk is right now the 48th on coinmarketcap its a platform for decentralized applications to launch on top of so lisk is competing with projects like EOS and ethereum and neo and tron all of the all the b...

TRX Support for Ternio Blockcard? Maybe!

1 week ago 2 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.55 tipped

Tronix is an Ethereum fork which adds a lot of features. It's the blockchain that I use to run World Builder. However, there are some concerns that I have with the platform. One of the greatest concerns is that there still isn't enough support for TR...