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Earn Tron (TRX) Passively By Holding Credits On Bankroll

2 days ago fycee $0.17 (100.2285 HYDRO)

The Trend in Passive Income today. Everybody wants to earn a cryptocurrency equivalent to real money growing from a satisfactory amount of interest while waiting for the pump of its USD value. I, for one would love to, because this is the best way to...

How to stake TRON and earn daily TRX.

1 week ago ukay $0.02 (13.2469 HYDRO)

For those who are new in the crypto world, we can grow our digital asset by staking them. This works for blockchains that uses Proof of Stake method to appoint block producers that confirms or validates  transactions. By voting for them, they will sh...

Monthly and annual ROI from staking TRON - an estimation

1 week ago ukay $0.06 (34.3075 HYDRO)

I want to show a simple calculation for the monthly ROI and annual ROI for staking 100 000 TRX in  Price/TRX  = $0.0266 ( as of today 15th April from CMC ). Lets assume that this price is fixed for this example. Daily TRX that you will g...

Crypto Influencers? Not Any More

2 weeks ago Cryptofivers $0.20 (116.5625 HYDRO)

The days when the talk in town was about Bitcoin and blockchain are over. The entry of altcoins has reshaped the crypto landscape with the once respected crypto influencers being shown the door. The crypto adorer turned adopter is more empowered and...

How to Earn Tron and Tron Tokens with Tronscan

4 weeks ago Fauceteer $0.04 (23.5172 HYDRO)

So i recently posted about Tron on facebook where some people was asking me about how to get the tokens i had in my wallet. Its very simple to get these Tokens and i will show you how to in this post. You will first have to go to

These Tron 'Return On Investment' DAPPs Are MOONING

4 weeks ago Consensus Report $0.05 (28.3828 HYDRO)

As the Tron DAPP space progresses, Return On Investment decentralized applications have become the next big thing. Currently, ROI Dapps make up 40% of the top ten Tron Dapps according to These contracts lock up TRX and pay out dividend...

Two Decentralized Applications To Keep An Eye On

16 Mar 2019 Consensus Report $0.20 (121.2262 HYDRO)

The decentralized application (DAPP) world is being dominated by two platforms at the moment, that being Tron and EOS. These blockchain's ability to process a large number of transactions per second make them a go-to development launch pad for develo...

888TRON A Possible Scam Site?

14 Mar 2019 LiteLiger $0.04 (20.8603 HYDRO)

Not too long ago i started exploring the world of Crypto Gambling during this time i found lot of interesting Dividend models and ways to make extra income with referral programs, i reviewed things like BetDice and Trondice on the website already, bu...

Tether's USDT Stablecoin to Launch on Tron

5 Mar 2019 Consensus Report $0.03 (17.8205 HYDRO)

Tron and Tether have announced a partnership which will launch the USDT stablecoin as a TRC-20 token on the Tron network. Announcing the partnership on his personal Twitter account, Tron CEO Justin Sun chalked the move up to being a big leap towards...

EXPERIMENT - Tracking Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of 2019 - Month One - Down 8.5%

9 Feb 2019 starthere $1.70 (1,016.8064 HYDRO)

Prologue: On the 1st of January, 2018, I bought $100 each of the Top Tencryptos at the time for a total investment of $1000 to see how they wouldperform over the year. I tracked the experiment and reported each month. The result? I ended the year dow...