Ripple Sues California; Cites Proof the State Is A Security - :Satire:

Ripple Sues California; Cites Proof the State Is A Security - :Satire:

January 15, 2020.

Don't believe everything you read... just believe everything you think you read.

Not to be confused with this:

In it's own case, Ripple believes it has proof under the Howey Test the State of California, is actually an unregulated security.

In a bizarre twist of law and logic, a case some are calling the 'nanny nanny booboo' of crypto-saga extraordinaire, Ripple actually seems to have more proof than the case filed against them.

Ripple's case states that California only came into existence at the announcement, and promotion of successful reported mining for gold within it's territory. They claim the state would not exist without the expectation for profit from their work product. Yes, the term mining for crypto, and the perceived store of value of Bitcoin all make strong cases that crypto would not even exist without the analogy. Largely, therefore, California is actually responsible for all punitive damages of all ICO's, having provided the platform for mining, and gold, in the first place.

Representatives for Ripple stated: (other stuff, not this)

California would not exist if it weren't heavily promoting the potential for earnings in the 1800's gold rush. Ripple is here to provide technological solutions to the lending and finance sector. California promised the American dream to all who packed up their wagons to come join the gold rush. There's no question that according to SEC rulings, people only arrived to the state, and it was only founded as such, out of an expectation of earning from the work product of the founders. Shut up, put up, we don't care. Ripple ain't no security, bruh.

It will be fascinating to watch events unfold. Perhaps this reporter's favorite gem, or golden nugget one could say, is that the cost of filing for the suit was paid for with Doge.

Truth is stranger than fiction, unless you find it here.

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Gordon Freeman Out

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