Vitalik Buterin In Leading Role of Off-Broadway Hit: Bitcoin the Musical - :Satire:
Vitalik Buterin In Leading Role of Off-Broadway Hit: Bitcoin the Musical - :Satire:

January 10, 2020.

If this were true, you'd be sharing it like mad. Do so anyway, yo!

In a surprise to... the universe, Vitalik Buterin announced he will be performing in the leading role as Satoshi Nakamoto in "Bitcoin: The Musical".

It's a shocker, for sure, but Vitalik is no stranger to the stage. With conferences around the globe, Vitalik decided it was time for him to pursue his other passion; singing and dancing! And, who better to play the role of Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin, than someone who knows crypto better than anyone.

In a press conference. Vitalik stated (not):

No one knows this, but I'm actually a pretty darn good singer, and if I can dance around issues like a hard fork, what can be so tough about dancing for real? I'll never leave Ethereum; it's just too important not to succeed. But, when they approached me about doing this show, I said forget about hard forks, stick a fork in ME I'm done! 

The draw for the show will be an unprecedented mid-show Q&A with Vitalik, an opportunity many will likely take advantage of, since the $50 tickets are a lot cheaper than the cost of going to crypto conferences. Consider it a no-brainer for those hoping to field their one-big-question to the master himself.

In similar news, upon hearing of Buterin's new found - hopeful- stardom, Justin Sun decided to fund his own off-Broadway concept musical, a wacky thought-piece on the gamification of TRON, Sun's rising star crypto. "TRON the Musical" is likely to foster resentment and criticism from the ETH team, but it has yet to be determined who will take part in the debauchery that is TRX live.

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Vitalik Buterin Stars As Satoshi In "Bitcoin: The Musical"


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