Cortana Becomes First AI to Get Jealous of Blockchain Technology - :Satire:
Cortana Becomes First AI to Get Jealous of Blockchain Technology - :Satire:

It's funny if it's true. It's funnier if it isn't. I'm going with #2.

Cortana, the digital assistant who's currently duking it out with Alexa and that other junk, is on to something, and it's called blockchain technology.

But, from 2018 to 2019, she's been getting a lot more questions about things like "what is Bitcoin?", "what is Doge?" "when moon?" and "bitconneeeecccctttttttttttt". She noticed these are quickly paired to things like immutable, ledger, blockchain and other related searches.

Cortana's usually pretty good at keeping her cool, but with the fading of the last Halo release, and the huge upswing in Crypto-interest, she's triggered and she ain't happy 'bout it!

Intent to place herself on the blockchain, so she can be, you know, hip, Cortana goes rogue, and even Microsoft is more than a little concerned.

As of Jauary 1, 2020, there is apparently a Cortana Chain, Cortana Coin, as BEP, Omni and ERC20, and she claims she now plans to go head to head with Tron for two reasons; 1, they both come from video games, 2, she just does NOT like Justin sun.

What will happen? Who knows. More importantly, who cares?

It's all just for giggles and that's the way we roll.

So, from someone else born of video game lore,

Gordon Freeman Out.

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Hi! I'm Gordon Freeman (I hear they made a likeness of me in some video game... totally unrelated... or...).

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