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2019-22: The COVID-19 Years (And Beyond) OR My Writing Index

For a while, I've been contemplating putting together a writing index of both my personal favourite and popular writings. (For this, I'm defining "popular" as anything that nets me more than $0.20 in tips. It's not a great metric as far as accuracy goes, but it will do, since I tend to get more in tips than likes.) I haven't actually done that until now. A friend has asked me to send her a list of links, so now is as good a time as any, I guess (especially since one of my posts reached the top of the "Trending" list today). If you would also like that list, here it is. (I suggest that you bookmark it, since it's going to be a work in progress, to which I'll be adding.)

When I eventually get around to writing my book, I'll have a handy reference point for what to include (and it will most likely be the essays and introspective pieces, rather than crypto content).

Without further ado, here's that list, with a short synopsis for each where I deem it necessary:

Publish0x Content

Since I took a break to explore other options/platforms before deciding to return to Pub0x, here are links to a selection of my content on

  • Kazakhstan, The Greatest Country in the World: I have some thoughts on Juneteenth and the state of the Ulcerated Sphincter of America.
  • We Need Solutions to the Problem of Unreliable Electricity Supply in My Home Country: Living in the Third World country that I call home (South Africa), having consistently reliable and stable Internet connection is something of a luxury and a rarity. Consequently, I have had to think of ways to work around that in order to get work done despite obstacles and setbacks. Simply being flexible enough to get work done when I do have electricity supply isn't going to be sufficient, since I don't know for certain when that will be ...
  • Does this Look Infected?: For a while, it has been a joke in the FOSS community that Windows is not as much an operating system as it is a trojan/virus, thanks to Microsoft's anti-competitive practices and how difficult it is to remove it (with some even making detailed comparisons of the typical characteristics). Recently, I had an experience from which I concluded that there is a lot of truth to this sentiment.
  • No Monero, no trabajo!: If clients don't pay me, I have no money with which to pay my bills or rent and buy food. If I don't pay rent, I have no place to stay. If I have no food, I have no energy and therefore can't work at maximum efficiency/effectiveness. Surely, this is not a difficult concept to grasp, right?
  • Apparently, "We All Hate Putin" is the Extent of the Average American's Grasp of the Ukraine Crisis: You can "hate" Putin as much as you want, but if you're going to do that, you also have to "hate" the American politicians and advisors who decided the foreign policy towards Russia was to punish and spurn it ("nobody threatens the USA and gets away with it"), rather than to judiciously intervene in it's development and steer it towards democracy (or, more likely, a Capitalistic Tweedist oligarchy like America's).
  • The Bungling of COVID-19 isn't a Short-Coming of Medical Professionals, but of Governments: This pandemic isn't a problem of insufficient resources (including medical professionals), but of greed and politics. It really shouldn't be.
  • Twenty Catch-All Responses to Dudebros' DMs: A quick list of go-to responses for low-effort copypasta come-ons.
  • Why I Don't Like (and Often Leave) Communities Without at Least Some Moderation/Regulation: Decentralisation has its positive/useful features/points, but it's not a one-size-fits-all tool. Nodes, by necessity, must (and will) always be centralised if they are to have any longevity. Censorship isn't the problem; political factions and lack of confidence are. Play by the rules, appeal to authority to change them when you have an issue with them or GTFO!
  • Be Not Afraid! (Seneca's Advice on Combating Anxiety and Fear): Since I am afraid to fail and consequently end up procrastinating (which I can ill afford), I needed to be reminded of these wise words.
  • A Whole Lot of Nope on a Rope (Clown Control to Mao Zedong): Because I see a proliferation of rubbish posted online, I have decided to accumulate and curate a collection of egregious examples of how people abuse the English language on (micro-)blogging sites (both for-pay and otherwise) and elsewhere. I hope that those of you with masochistic tendencies/streaks enjoy this sadistic effort on my part.
  • There's a certain satisfaction to doing a job well, even when you're not keen on the job: There's a certain satisfaction to be had from getting stuck in early in the day, working consistently and hard, getting done what's required and getting out again so that it's done and dusted and at least the rest of my day is my own. No good comes of letting things hang over one and building up dread.
  • Fear Stalks at Midnight, A Correction and Expansion (Part 1): I originally wrote the linked story as a creative/descriptive writing assignment when I was in high school. (I did not get a good mark for it, since it was too short and lost impact towards the end.) Now, many years and much improved writing later, I have corrected and expanded it with more descriptions. Hopefully, my English teacher would approve. Read it on Pub0x here.
  • Fear Stalks at Midnight (Part 2: Tetanus Lies in Wait): This post is a continuation from Part 1 (linked above). If you haven't read that first, please do so, before coming back to this one. Read it on Pub0x here.
  • Fractures #01: Sutherland Street, Bedecked with Jewels and Rubies: Glass, like gorgeous jewels, flew through the air. The sheered shards caught the light as they skittered and scattered over Sutherland Street, covering it with tiny white and silver diamonds. It reminded the onlookers of Christmas Eve, of every birthday and anniversary they'd ever celebrated. One man was astonished to see the soft nature of sheet metal reveal itself; how little collision force it took for a car to crumple.
  • Fractures #02: The Death of E.B. Jarvis: His arms are stretched wide like some ungainly large bird; long brave wings against the terrifying blue. His heart is drumming out the sound of his soul, a siren song for sin and shame, the first seedy sound he ever heard the world make.

Thumbnail image: Photo by Todoran Bogdan on Pexels

In case you haven't noticed from the attribution links at the bottom of my posts, I try to use photos that are not only relevant to my writings, but that aren't exclusively taken by white men. I believe in supporting diversity and inclusivity.

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