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"Mean Old Women" Taught Them to Weep and Moan (Thinking About Their Baby and Her Hot Wet Holes)

If there isn't something on an antisocial media Website that gets you weeping, wailing, gnashing your teeth or bitching and moaning — ranting and raving — at least once a month (if not once a week), you probably don't frequent that site much (or you've somehow managed to gain access to a significant number of free pictures to keep your libido happy and ignore everything else). Since when was witnessing idiots expressing their vile political and social opinions and being subsequently mocked/insulted for them not pleasurable?

There are predators everywhere. There are neo-Nazis too. The Internet is a thriving hub of garbage apes and other assorted wretched scum and villainy (and not the fun kind) of a great many shapes and sizes. But what are we ranting about today? Not the shit that women put up with on the 'Net and in society on a daily basis, but women having the audacity to be upset that dudebro douche armada fuckbois don't respect them and, instead, treat them like fetish dispensers on a "free porn site" (Fartloaf, in this instance).

I've got no time for pick-me girls and their "but who will rescue the poor widdle cis-het menz from da nasty feminazis?" routine. Get down off your crosses; we need the fucking space for combating actual problems on these sites, not the rubbish spewed by misogynists, other bigots and their allies.

Same shit, different day. Seriously, you arsehats, stop sailing shitebergs into my corner of the world and get the fuck out of my community! Go, go, gadget booted foot!

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Great White Snark

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The Snark Returns: Random Musings from The GWS

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