How To Buy WAX Anywhere In The World - All-in-One Guide

By Apoollo | btcxh | 21 Apr 2021

How To Cash Out Your TLM/WAX - All-in-One Guide


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Most of you reading probably need WAX to buy Alien Worlds tools or just in general NFTs. In this guide, I will be going over how to make an account on KuCoin, and getting WAX with your other cryptocurrencies to your own wallet.

Creating a KuCoin Account

To make a KuCoin account, go here and then sign up. You'll need to verify your phone and email to do this. It does not matter if your in the United States or not. Just be aware you have a withdraw limit of I believe $5,000 every day. However unless your a whale you won't have to worry. KuCoin is one of the 'better' exchanges on not stealing your money (they are one of the premium South Korean exchanges with decent fees.)


Buying WAX on KuCoin

First, you need to log back into your KuCoin wallet if you aren't logged in. Convert your cryptocurrency to USDT. Then go this link to buy WAX with USDT. Put your trading password in and then click market.


Afterwards, put in how much USD you want to buy WAX with. This option will buy the market price for WAX and then should immediately go to your account.

Withdrawing WAX To Wallet

After buying your WAX on KuCoin, you need to send it to your own personal wallet. Go to the withdrawl page and select WAX. It should look like something below.


Then, put in your WALLET ADDRESS! Double check this is right or you could send to the wrong address. Remark and MEMO doesn't matter. Then put in how much WAX you want to send out and confirm the transaction. It costs about $2 to withdraw it from KuCoin keep in mind.

Soon, after a few minutes you will have your WAX you purchased in your wallet to use as your heart desire. Enjoy!

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