Alien Worlds - Captchas & How to Avoid Them

By Apoollo | btcxh | 16 Apr 2021

Alien Worlds - How To Have Less Captchas


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If you've been playing Alien Worlds, you've noticed that there are now captchas for mining. In this brief article you will learn how to avoid these.

How to Avoid Captchas

While you can't fully avoid captchas, there are a few things that you can do to avoid the dreaded captchas.

1. Don't use a VPN. This is pretty obvious, but I've noticed that I get a captcha everytime while using a VPN and occasionally when on my home IP.

2. Log into a google account. I've noticed I got less captchas as well when I was logged into Google.

3. If you have a captcha, shake your mouse a little bit. When I do lots of captchas, I always do this and it gives a nice checkmark instead of keep on giving you bus captchas.

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